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WWDC Keynote in 60 seconds!

Don’t bother watching the 107 minute version of Steve Jobs WWDC Keynote: instead, watch mahalodaily’s 60 second version.

(Via Mahalo Daily)

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HP TouchSmart 2 – touch me, I know you want to!

HP slips into thin with TouchSmart 2 all-in-ones


A year and a half ago, Bill Gates himself announced the TouchSmart PC chunk. This time, a simple press release will have to do the job as HP announces the $1,299 TouchSmart IQ504 (PC) and $1,499 TouchSmart IQ506 (PC with TV tuner). Arguably, the thinner, touchier, bigger, 22-inch all-in-ones deserve better. Inside the 2.6-inch thick chassis you’ll find a 500GB disk, 256MB of NVIDIA GeForce 9300 M HS HD graphics, 802.11n WiFi, and 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo T5850 processor thumping through the cycles. Launching in 17 countries next month including the UK, Japan, and the US.

(Via Engadget.)

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Marware announces cases for 3G iPhone, that was quick!

Marware announces cases for 3G iPhone

Marware C.E.O. Sleeve and C.E.O. Premiere

Marware, Inc. has announced the C.E.O. Sleeve and C.E.O. Premiere for the Apple iPhone 3G. Constructed of soft Nappa leather, the C.E.O. Sleeve works well on a belt or in a purse or bag. The elastic siding provides a snug fit, while the open top provides quick and easy iPhone 3G access. Marware’s patented Multidapt low-profile belt clip is comfortable, convenient, interchangeable, and removable. The open top design allows full access to the headphone minijack and sleep/wake button. The C.E.O. Premiere is a stylish, premium leather hip case for iPhone 3G. This classically designed case features textured, perforated leather with elegant contrast stitching and an ultra-slim permanent belt clip.

C.E.O. Sleeve features:

  • Soft leather iPhone 3G protection with microfiber interior
  • Stylish perforated design accents with contrast stitching
  • Interchangeable Multidapt(R) low-profile belt clip
  • Elastic siding for a snug fit
  • Easy access to headphone minijack and sleep/wake button
  • BONUS: Clear protective film and microfiber cleaning cloth included
  • Marware’s Lifetime Guarantee

C.E.O. Premiere features:


  • Soft leather iPhone 3G protection with microfiber interior
  • Stylish perforated design accents with contrast stitching
  • Secure magnetic closure
  • Built-in, slim belt clip for bag and belt attachment
  • Easy access to headphone minijack and sleep/wake button
  • Push-thru access for easy removal
  • BONUS: Clear protective film and microfiber cleaning cloth included
  • Marware’s Lifetime Guarantee

The C.E.O. Sleeve is available in black perforated Nappa leather with contrast stitching, and retails for $24.99. The C.E.O. Premiere is available in black smooth Nappa leather, and retails for $29.99. Both are available now for pre-order online (shipping prior to July 1, 2008).

Product [C.E.O. Sleeve and Premiere]

(Via Appletell)

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Stewart and Colbert on Hulu

Surprise! Stewart and Colbert have come to Hulu

In an unexpected move, video site Hulu will be getting some political loudmouths just in time for the 2008 presidential election: Comedy Central’s late-night personalities Jon Stewart of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of The Colbert Report.

We had to check and make sure the press release wasn’t a joke, but there are indeed full episodes from both programs available. It comes as somewhat of a surprise, considering Comedy Central parent company Viacom has not signed on to Hulu, which launched as a joint venture between NBC Universal and News Corp. and does not yet have any other major networks on board.

But on the other hand, MTV Networks, the Viacom division that encompasses Comedy Central, has made more distribution deals than its broader corporate overlord, and both Stewart and Colbert were already available on the Web in one form or another. And Viacom had already made select content available to Hulu rival Joost, but now that the Joost hype has faded completely, experimenting with Hulu’s ad-supported distribution seems logical. Making the popular Comedy Central talk shows available could be the media conglomerate’s way of dipping a toe in the water.

Additionally, later in June Hulu will start to add select programs from PBS: Nova, Carrier, Scientific American Frontiers, Wired Science, and potentially others.”

(Via cnet )

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YIKES! Mobile Me & Windows Me Logos separated at birth?


Maybe Apple figured that since only my sister-in-law bought Windows Me, no one would notice that their new “mobile me” service bears a striking resemblance to the Me logo. Well, eagle-eyed flickr user hotmilkgreentea has blown the whole “Me” font thing wide open, and is calling Apple out.
Surely there is another “happy” font to write “me” in that still implies something is idiot-proof..?

(Via macenstein )

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Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G

Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G


Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G:

1. Keychain/password storage – This is a must have feature and a large oversight. It can be addressed in a software update.

2. Cut and paste – Again, major oversight but addressable with software (soon?)

3. Haptic feedback – This would make the on-screen keyboard better for many people.

4. Flash – Desperately needed. I know that Apple is pushing H.264 but too much of the Web relies on Flash these days.

5. MMS – Don’t you hate getting picture messages from people that say, “view my message online” followed by a 10-digit password. I never go to them

6. Better camera – I know some people that won’t buy an iPhone because of its poor 2MP camera. C’mon Apple, even a 3MP would be better!

7. Video recording – If jailbreakers can do it, Apple can do it. Perhaps they’re leaving this up to the third parties?

8. Tethering/Modem – This kinda falls in the TBD column because I’m not sure, but something tells me that AppleTT won’t let us tether the iPhone to a MacBook and use it as a modem. Anyone know for sure?

9. More storage – Where is the 32GB option?

10.Forward text messages

(Via zdnet )

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Will Apple offer Me.com email accounts? Good Question!

Will Apple offer Me.com email accounts?

Now that Apple has re-branded Mac.com to MobileMe (Me.com) would you prefer your email address to remain as @mac.com or become @me.com or even @mobileme.com? Apple mostly like horded a bunch of “.me” domains too, but they’re outside the scope of this post. Here’s hoping that Apple doesn’t change everyone’s Mac.com email addresses!

(Via The Apple Core)

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TUAW Breaks it all down for ya! WWDC 2008 Day 1 coverage

TUAW WWDC 2008 Day 1 coverage roundupThat was a heck of a way to start off WWDC 2008, don’t you think? Just in case you didn’t get a change to read all of our 40 or so posts today, I thought I would highlight a few.

Be sure to check out our WWDC 2008 coverage page for lots more info.

The Stevenote

TUAW Meta-Liveblog of WWDC 08 Keynote: Our award winning coverage of other sites’ live coverage of the WWDC keynote

iPhone 2.0 firmware will ship in early July, touch users pay $9.95
: iPhone users get the 2.0 firmware for free, while iPod touch folks have to pay Apple ten bucks.

iPhone 3G announced: Did you know Apple makes a phone? The new iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 3G, sports faster networking, longer battery life, GPS, and a flush headphone jack. All of that, and it costs much less ($199 for an 8 gig and $299 for the 16 gig model).

MobileMe announced: .Mac is dead, long live MobileMe. Well, at least that will be the case on July 11. The .Mac replacement offers up push email, calendaring, contacts as well as Web 2.0 apps for checking said things. It still costs $99 for an individual account and $149 for a family subscription (all subscriptions last for a year).

WWDC Reader Q&A Liveblog
: You had questions, and we tried to answer them.

Apple posts video of WWDC 2008 keynote
: Watch it in the comfort of your own Mac.

iPhone 3G

3G iPhone: What it means – a look at the hardware: Cory checks out what comes in the iPhone 3G box.

Where can I buy an iPhone 3g?: Christina whipped up a very cool map showing you all the countries that Apple will be selling the iPhone 3G in.

AT&T talks iPhone 3G plans, apps
: AT&T spills the beans about the new iPhone service plans (spoiler alert, they are more expensive) and talks about the Yellowpages.com app they are working on.

Confirmed: GoPhone is No Go and in-store Activation only
: Erica confirms that the iPhone 3G will have to be activated in store, no more iTunes activations for you! Also, the GoPhone plan won’t be available for the iPhone 3G.


.Mac to MobileMe: what’s the deal?: Apple explains the transition from .Mac to MobileMe for current subscribers.

Get a $30 discount on MobileMe: A little bargain hunting never hurt anyone.

What isn’t making the cut from .Mac to MobileMe: iCards will be no more. A nation mourns (or at least a WiFi expert does).

Snow Leopard (aka OS X 10.6)

Apple posts details about Snow Leopard: A press release details some of the features found in Snow Leopard.

Apple posts Snow Leopard website
: Even more about Apple’s next cat.

Apple posts Snow Leopard Server information: Some information about the server flavor of Snow Leopard, which will include some very cool new features.

(Via (TUAW).)

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