Steve a little over zealous with the 3G iPhone?

Was Steve a little over zealous with the 3G iPhone? iPhone + Communications, iPhone

According to a report in TIME Magazine, Steve Jobs is risking a little too much on the 3G iPhone. The huge price drop, along with subsidies from AT&T, may make the iPhone good for the customer, but not necessarily good for Apple. With the current plans, Apple could lose up to $160 on each phone that is serviced by AT&T. Hopefully, the App Store will provide enough revenue for Apple to prevent possible price increases in the future.  Steve is really putting too many of his eggs in the “iPhone Dominates the Entire World” basket.

What are your views on the subject?  Do you think that Apple can maintain the $199 price and keep the iPhone profitable enough? Sound off in the comments below.

Via [TIME]

(Via Appletell)


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3 responses to “Steve a little over zealous with the 3G iPhone?

  1. If you see the slew of “iphone killers” that have been rolling out, it is pretty tough to deny the “dominate the world” argument that Jobs has. Call it good publicity, but you do get a sense that the guy is sincerely trying to revolutionize various industries, and does have a passion to bring a different spin to the masses.

    Ultimately, what is good for the people is good for Apple. With the one major complaint is the products being over priced, and the company still being incredibly successful, making them more affordable will only open up their consumer markets and popularity.

    Some people just aren’t satisfied : damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


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