Steve Jobs looks dangerously thin

Steve Jobs: Apple CEO Steve Jobs looks dangerously thin
I found this VERY interesting, I was watching the WWDC video online last night thinking the same thing, Steve looks very thin and he was coughing (small ones) during applause breaks…I hope he is OK!!!!

From valleywag – Doctors diagnosed Apple CEO Steve Jobs with pancreatic cancer in October 2003. Jobs hid the news from Apple shareholders until July 2004 — after he’d explored all other alternatives to surgery, and had to schedule time away from the office to go under the knife.

People watching the imperiously slim presenter at the WWDC today are finding it hard to look at Job’s frailer-than-ever frame and not wonder if he’s still suffering. “Time to get that man a medical marijuana prescription,” says our own Jackson West. Or a decent meal. Gossip has it that wife Laurene Powell-Jobs has put Jobs on a radical, restrictive vegan diet.”

(Via valleywag )

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