Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G

Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G


Ten things missing in the iPhone 3G:

1. Keychain/password storage – This is a must have feature and a large oversight. It can be addressed in a software update.

2. Cut and paste – Again, major oversight but addressable with software (soon?)

3. Haptic feedback – This would make the on-screen keyboard better for many people.

4. Flash – Desperately needed. I know that Apple is pushing H.264 but too much of the Web relies on Flash these days.

5. MMS – Don’t you hate getting picture messages from people that say, “view my message online” followed by a 10-digit password. I never go to them

6. Better camera – I know some people that won’t buy an iPhone because of its poor 2MP camera. C’mon Apple, even a 3MP would be better!

7. Video recording – If jailbreakers can do it, Apple can do it. Perhaps they’re leaving this up to the third parties?

8. Tethering/Modem – This kinda falls in the TBD column because I’m not sure, but something tells me that AppleTT won’t let us tether the iPhone to a MacBook and use it as a modem. Anyone know for sure?

9. More storage – Where is the 32GB option?

10.Forward text messages

(Via zdnet )


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