7 Reasons to buy the iPhone 3G

7 Reasons to buy Apple’s new iPhone 3G.

If you have been holding out on becoming an Apple iPhone owner, or debating whether or not to upgrade from the current model, PC World’s Melissa J. Perenson has come up with 5 key points (I’ve added two points and tweaked some of her boring regurgitations of standard features) on why you should buy or upgrade to the new iPhone 3G when it’s released on July 11th. Here at MacBlogz, Dave has recently posted about some of the missing features that we’d like to see in Apple’s iPhone. But here are a few reasons we think you should buy a new iPhone.


1. Price Drop

With Apple’s iPhone price drop, announced today, you pay significantly less money up front at the time of purchase: The 8GB iPhone will sell for $199, just one-third the price that the 4GB iPhone sold for at launch a year ago. The 16GB model will sell for $299.

2. 3G Browsing/Network Speeds

The first-gen iPhone notably omitted 3G wireless in favor of the more widely available–and significantly slower–EDGE connectivity. A year later, 3G seems even more necessary than before, as Web pages grow more graphically intensive. According to Apple, Web pages will load up to 2.8 times faster on the newly supported 3G network.

3. Greater International Support (Global Domination)

From a multilingual keyboard that you can change out on the fly to a user-removable SIM card (a SIM-card ejector comes with the iPhone 3G), new features in this model make it much more viable for international use. Whether you need to access the Web while overseas, or you want to swap out your SIM card (presumably, after an unspecified period of time, AT&T will let its customers unlock the phone for international use, as the company has allowed with its more standard phones), this model is better than the original. Not to mention the insane benefits this is going to have on shareholders, Apple’s stock price, market share and revenue.

4. Tons of New Applications

Fist of all, selling every new application through iTunes and making them available directly on your iPhone or iPod Touch from a native App Store is simply genius. Developing applications appears simple, limited only by the constraints of developers’ imaginations. The potential for future apps, coupled with the iPhone’s existing programs–its iPod video and audio capabilities, its photo album, its easy e-mail, its Google maps and YouTube apps–makes the iPhone 3G a unique offering in the mobile arena. I mean, have you guys seen Sega’s Super Monkey Ball for iPhone?

5. iPhone: Still the Best Mobile-Phone/Media-Device in the World!

I’ve been personally living with the first generation iPhone ever since it initially launched at 6:00pm on June 29th, 2007. The device has not lost its wow factor and I am constantly amazed at the speed, precision and accuracy with which it processes my actions, finger swipes and general information scouring. With iPhone 3G now supporting the very “zippy” 3G network, every feature that I have grown to love will be enhanced and now shine even brighter. None of Apple’s competitors have even come close to touching the iPhone… Simply put: It is the best mobile device available.

6. Mobile Document Editing in iPhone 3G

We will now be able to edit documents right on the iPhone. We can open up Powerpoint, Office and Word Processing documents and view them with relative ease. This is major! Up until now NO mobile phone has given you the ability to view documents such as these with intense clarity and truly remarkable speeds. You no longer have to be near a laptop or desktop machine in order to view, edit or publish a document to the web, or send it via email.

7. Because Steve Jobs says so !!!

The last and perhaps most important reason I will be buying an iPhone 3G on July 11th, is because Steve Jobs told me to

(Via MacBlogz)

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