AppDelete – Remove Unwanted Applications for FREE!

AppDelete – Remove Unwanted Applications


AppDelete 2.0 is a free application for OS X that will delete any application you choose and all associated files/folders that belong to that application.

AppDelete is started by dropping an application onto the AppDelete icon, once you do this you will get a confirmation window displaying the name of the application you dropped.

All deleted items are placed in a folder named “AppDelete” together with the name of the application you chose to delete. This folder is then moved to your trash and is ready to be emptied.  You can inspect this folder first and if you change your mind just click “Undo” and all items will be restored to their original location. AppDelete is Leopard compatible and will also run on Tiger and Panther.

Redesigned Interface (New)
Optimized For Leopard (New)
Search For Hidden Files (New)
Force Empty Trash (New)
File Selection Prior To Delete (New)
Undo And Log Features Added (New)
Many Other New Features And Improvements

8C14905C-5D65-4CE4-96BD-0BE06198FE7D.jpg Get it HERE

(Via Cool OSX Apps)


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