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800,000 product manuals online

SafeManuals – 800,000 product manuals online for your happiness


SafeManuals. A heap of downloadable PDF manuals for gadgets, electronic products and assorted appliances. If you can’t find something, perhaps you can upload a manual yourself and help the database grow. Pretty cool stuff.

Internet is filled with information, scattered in no particular order. SafeManuals tries to partially solve this problem by allowing everyone to find user manuals from all manufacturers in one place. They are not always available on the manufacturer site, and some of them only offer manuals for their current line of product. This website was created to offer Internet users this information, and is also a window to the professional world for its creators.

(Via The Red Ferret Journal.)



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Five iWeb Themes for Small Businesses

iPresentee Releases Five iWeb Themes for Small Businesses

iPresentee announced Friday five themes for Apple’s iWeb Web design software that are intended for small businesses. The company said that the themes are easy to customize for individual businesses.

Each of the themes has five different templates for different pages within the site: Home, About Us, Services, Support, Clients, Contact Us and Blank.

You can find more information on each of the themes at the iPresentee Web site. Each theme is priced at US$10, and all five can be purchased for $30. The themes require iWeb 2.0.

(Via macobserver.)

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For “Geek” drinks! Tetris Ice Cube Tray

Tetrice – Tetris Ice Cube Tray

43F3CF2B-A072-435A-A5C8-0DBE2FDA3803.jpgMartin Zampach is a designer from the Czech Republic looking for collaborators and investors to help bring his cool silicone Tetrice – Tetris Ice Cube Tray to market. Can someone out there please help him?

Get it HERE

(Via The Green Head)

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Fake Steve Jobs goes to Newsweek!

D9C2BA48-C043-4B54-BA04-EBD22BD522FD.jpgFake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons) is heading to Newsweek, leaving Forbes after 10 years.

I hope he at least gets a watch!

read all about it HERE.

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Turn your iPhone into a remote

Signal turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into remote

The developers over at Alloysoft have officially unveiled their new iTunes remote app.  Signal can turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Pocket PC into an advanced remote control for your computer, and functionality isn’t limited to iTunes. Working on either a Mac or a PC, this program gives the user the ability to scroll through libraries and browse supported apps remotely. The following is from a MacNN report

“Taking full advantage of the iPhone and iPod Touch’s two-way wireless capabilities, and combined with the increasing popularity of streaming solutions such as Apple’s Airport Express, Alloysoft claims that Signal is the missing link in many home juke box solutions, allowing users access to their music from anywhere within wireless range, be it “deck, patio, or any room in the house.”

Signal works in a very simple way; when you launch the computer version of the app, you are given a URL which you then put in to MobileSafari and voilà!.  You can now have full control over your music from anywhere within Wifi range!

Signal is available now at the Alloysoft website for $25.

Via [MacNN]

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Screenshots of Entire Webpage

Take Screenshot of Entire Webpage

A great tip from USINGMAC :

There are times when you want to take screenshot of webpages, but obviously you can’t use simple print screen which can only take part of the webpage as big as your screen display. So what should you do to capture the whole webpage?

Saft Safari Plugin

Recently, I’ve found this nice Safari plugin called Saft, which is a Shareware. Saft gives you ability to have a screenshot of entire webpage and save it as a PDF file with a single click.



If you don’t like to export the webpage as PDF, you got other alternative application called Paparazzi!. After downloading Paparazzi! 0.4.3, you can capture the entire webpage in various formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG or TIFF by providing the url for the page.



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iPO Review – The Dock for iPod

iPO Review – The Dock Pack


The Dock Pack is a stylish iPod speaker system and dock from European audio manufacturer Scandyna Speakers. The dock and speakers are relatively compact, with attractive modern styling.

So how does it sound? Pretty good. Quite decent. Better than OK, but not that much better. Overall, the system provides sweet, clean, undistorted, sparkling sound with excellent response in the middle and high frequencies. And unlike many similarly-priced iPod speaker systems that are all one piece, since these speakers can be placed freely and separated by as much as 10 or 12 feet, its stereo soundstage image is better than many. Alas, it falls short reproducing lower frequencies. If your source material is heavy on the bass you’ll find it sounds somewhat anemic when played on this system. Even material that’s not particularly bass-heavy can sound a little thin.

(Read Full review – Via macobserver)

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Qik to offer streaming for iPhone users

Qik to offer streaming for iPhone usersB44D0351-53FA-40FD-8E74-A64F80000506.jpg

Qik is making sure that Flixwagon doesn’t beat them at their own game. Video streaming from mobile devices has quickly become very popular, and Mashable has a video that Qik sent them in which they demo their soon-to-be-in-alpha release of Qik for the iPhone.

Currently, Qik streams from devices like the Nokia N95. An iPhone app would certainly boost their user base and service as a whole.

(Via (TUAW).)

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Sharp’s 108-inch LCD on Sale! cha-ching!

Sharp Puts Its 108-inch LCD on Sale

The world’s largest LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor can now be yours — if you have a deep wallet.

Sharp has begun offering a monitor based on the 108-inch LCD panel that it first unveiled over a year ago. The panel, which is the largest yet to be shown by any LCD maker, was first unveiled in January 2007 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and promised for later in the year but was delayed.

Now it’s available to customers worldwide, built-to-order, for ¥11 million (US$102,000).

The Full HD (1,920 pixels by 1,080 pixels) monitor comes with a wide array of input sockets. There’s analog RGB and DVI computer inputs, 3 HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) inputs, two composite video inputs, two sets of component video inputs and one S-Video input. The entire set weighs an impressive 195 kilograms and consumes 1.1 kilowatts (kW) when in use.

Measuring 2.2 meters by 2.5 meters, the display panel is the largest currently possible from Sharp’s most advanced production line in Kameyama, Japan. As such potential buyers shouldn’t have to worry too much about bigger, better and presumably even more expensive LCD monitors coming from Sharp anytime soon.

The first place to get the monitor is the new Shinjuku Piccadilly cinema complex, which opens on July 19 in Tokyo. The monitor will be installed in the lobby of the cinema and used to display trailers for upcoming movies, according to Sharp.”

(Via pcworld .)

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