iPO Review – The Dock for iPod

iPO Review – The Dock Pack


The Dock Pack is a stylish iPod speaker system and dock from European audio manufacturer Scandyna Speakers. The dock and speakers are relatively compact, with attractive modern styling.

So how does it sound? Pretty good. Quite decent. Better than OK, but not that much better. Overall, the system provides sweet, clean, undistorted, sparkling sound with excellent response in the middle and high frequencies. And unlike many similarly-priced iPod speaker systems that are all one piece, since these speakers can be placed freely and separated by as much as 10 or 12 feet, its stereo soundstage image is better than many. Alas, it falls short reproducing lower frequencies. If your source material is heavy on the bass you’ll find it sounds somewhat anemic when played on this system. Even material that’s not particularly bass-heavy can sound a little thin.

(Read Full review – Via macobserver)

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