Turn your iPhone into a remote

Signal turns your iPhone/iPod Touch into remote

The developers over at Alloysoft have officially unveiled their new iTunes remote app.  Signal can turn your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Pocket PC into an advanced remote control for your computer, and functionality isn’t limited to iTunes. Working on either a Mac or a PC, this program gives the user the ability to scroll through libraries and browse supported apps remotely. The following is from a MacNN report

“Taking full advantage of the iPhone and iPod Touch’s two-way wireless capabilities, and combined with the increasing popularity of streaming solutions such as Apple’s Airport Express, Alloysoft claims that Signal is the missing link in many home juke box solutions, allowing users access to their music from anywhere within wireless range, be it “deck, patio, or any room in the house.”

Signal works in a very simple way; when you launch the computer version of the app, you are given a URL which you then put in to MobileSafari and voilà!.  You can now have full control over your music from anywhere within Wifi range!

Signal is available now at the Alloysoft website for $25.

Via [MacNN]


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