Shipping near 5% – Apple notebooks worldwide!

Apple worldwide notebook shipping near 5%
According to data from DisplaySearch, Apple’s notebook sales saw a 7% increase in this year’s first quarter, making Apple the 7th largest notebook manufacturer worldwide. Although I don’t have a third 7 to make this data even more lucky, it is great to see that Apple has moved up a position in this ranking for the first time in over a year. Apple’s overall global share is now about 4.6% due to a 61% increase in notebook sales from last year’s first quarter.  That’s a lot of growth in one year considering how many companies there are in the notebook manufacturing business.

One of Apple’s key areas of business that is seeing the most growth is their mobile business. With new portable laptops such as the MacBook Air and innovative cell phones like the iPhone, Apple is really pushing for portability and functionality. And consumers are buying. You can’t argue with the numbers here, Apple is clearly doing something right to grow by so much in one short year. I don’t see this stopping anytime soon, especially with the iPhone 3G right around the corner.

Via [AppleInsider]

Full Story » Written by Josh Holat for Appletell

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