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Customize Your Folder Icons

Telling Folders – Customize Your Folder Icons


Telling Folders 1.0 is a free application for Leopard that allows you to easily customize or change your folder icons. You can drag and drop any image on top of your current folder icon. QuickLook is supported, so you are not limited to just images. If you accidentally change a folder icon, full Undo support is included in the application.

Get it HERE!

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The iPhone 3G…everything you need to know!

The iPhone 3G FAQ [IPhone Faq]

Gizmodo provides all your answers!!


Steve Jobs may have launched the iPhone 3G on Monday, and we may have gotten a hands on with it already, but in typical Apple fashion, there’s still a lot of stuff left unsaid. How does activation work? How will first-gen iPhone users bring an iPhone 3G onto their plan? Does the GPS work for driving? How much will games cost on the App Store? We’ve got answers. Lots of them.

The Phone

How much will an iPhone 3G cost? $199 for the 8GB version, which comes only in black, and $299 for the 16GB version which comes in black and white.

What’s changed between the first generation and the iPhone 3G? Honestly? Not all that much. The iPhone 3G has all the features of the first one, plus faster 3G data downloads, GPS, and a better battery life. Externally, the phone’s casing is slightly changed, with a thinner edge and thicker middle, but a flush headphone jack and solid-colored back make up the only other major differences visually. Everything else from the screen to the number of buttons and switches on the outside are the same.

How much will it really cost me over 2 years?. That depends on how many minutes you use and how many text messages you want to sign up for, but at AT&T’s lowest plan price of $39 a month for 450 minutes, plus a mandatory $30 data charge and $5 for 200 text messages, you’re looking at $1975 over the course of two years. Before tax and other fees. Here’s how it stacks up against the old iPhone and against other 3G smartphones on Verizon and Sprint.

When can I buy it? If you’re in one of the first countries to get the phone, which includes the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, Japan and Mexico, it’s July 11. Otherwise, it’s still unknown. Come July 11, there’s going to be a gigantic line of people wanting that phone. You’ll have to wait not only for people in front of you to buy a phone, but activate it too—which is now mandatory and takes about 10-15 minutes. If you can wait, we’d recommend going after July 11.

Where can I buy it? In either an Apple store or an AT&T store. There won’t be any online orders for this one.

How fast is the 3G over 2G (EDGE)? During the WWDC keynote, Steve Jobs showed a demo that compared the iPhone 3G vs. the old iPhone when downloading a large web page with lots of images. Apple’s site lists the result of that matchup as 20 seconds vs. 48 seconds, which is 2.4x faster. We’ve got a explainer about the details of 3G as well, if you’re interested.

How does the GPS work? We’ve got a great tutorial on how the iPhone’s GPS works. Long story short, it’s A-GPS, or assisted GPS, which means most of the time it uses the cell towers and Wi-Fi to help triangulate (but doesn’t necessarily need help). If you’re looking to use the iPhone 3G as a GPS in your car for navigation, there’s a catch. There’s a restriction in the SDK that prohibits developers from using the phone for “real time route guidance”. You can still use Google Maps to help guide you if you’re lost, but it’s not as smooth a system as a real GPS. TomTom may have an iPhone 3G guidance suite already in the works, despite the SDk restrictions.

Will the added 3G and GPS hurt my battery life? Apple’s improved the battery life compared to the old version, which ups the talk time on 2G (same as the first iPhone) from 8 hours to 10 hours. On 3G, you get half that. So yes, your battery life will be significantly degraded when you’re using 3G instead of 2G. Apple still hasn’t provided numbers on how much GPS use will degrade your talk time.

What about that rumor that the iPhone 3G has a front camera? Yeah, not so much. Apple didn’t say anything about that during their keynote, and there’s been no evidence of it yet. There’s a weird anomaly on the demo iPhone that Apple’s Phil Schiller was using on stage during the event, but it’s probably just a weird fingerprint.

What comes inside the iPhone 3G box? Not a whole lot. There’s no dock, but there is a smaller charger that’s great for children.

Does the iPhone 3G finally have MMS/picture messaging? Unfortunately not. Not officially, anyway. There are third-party apps already available that give your iPhone a sort of MMS functionality, but it’s not great.

Can I tether the iPhone 3G to my laptop to get on-the-go internet? Not out of the box, no. The old iPhone was able to be hacked into doing this, but EDGE speeds meant that people only really used it in emergencies. With 3G, it’ll be much more useful. We’ll keep an eye on this one.

How durable is it compared to the first-gen? Our hands-on will tell you more about that, but from what we heard, the new backing is a lot more fingerprint-smudgy than the first.

(Read Full Article—> Gizmodo.)

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Apple’s 10.5.4 – Leopards final update & Mobile Me…

Apple sets release date for 10.5.4 Leopard final update, Mobile Me

Apple just released update 10.5.3 for Leopard, which had over 200 bug fixes and resolved a number of issues and conflicts. Continuing the “Leopard must have been a beta release” vibe, Apple is planning to release the final update to Leopard in July.

Apple made headlines recently with their announcement at WWDC of new .Mac replacement and synching solution MobileMe. MobileMe is set to solve many of the issues users of iPhones and multiple iMacs or MacBooks have with synching data among programs, online storage and their phone. It is rumored to have support for Windows Mobile phones in the works, but that is unconfirmed as yet.

The final update was seeded to developers recently, and a second version of Leopard 10.5.4 went out this week. The update is set to drop in July, and will automatically bring former .Mac users into the new MobileMe world. While users of older Mac OS versions will still be able to use MobileMe, several of the features, such as iLife 08 integration and others, will be limited to people who upgrade to the Leopard 10.5.4 build.

Leopard’s 10.5.4 update will also work with the proposed iTunes upgrade to version 7.7. Leopard 10.5.4 will presumably be the last Mac OS to support the die-hard PowerPC crowd. As of the Snow Leopard 10.6 release next year, future Mac OS versions will concentrate on Intel Macs and other future technologies.

If you are a .Mac user and are concerned about the switch, Apple has you covered. They have already generated a FAQ page to assist you in the transition from .Mac to MobileMe. You can find the FAQ page on the company web site at this link. The update to Leopard is free, as always. MobileMe is slated to cost $99 per year.

(Via MAC.BLORGE.com.)

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The Nooka watch – cool!?!

The Nooka watch – yet another confusing watch to read


Here is yet another watch to make your head hurt, only this one isn’t just a concept design. After you’ve finished causing your brain to hurt from trying to figure it out, you can run off and purchase one. The watch actually isn’t as bad as some I’ve seen, but it definitely doesn’t show time in the classic way. It features four different bars, the top two bars are hours the third is minutes and the fourth is seconds. The first hour bar shows 1-6 hours and the second hour bar is 7-12. Which means it wouldn’t be that hard to read, and the minutes bar is actually marked with 15, 30 and 45 to make things easier.

These watches from Nooka were designed by Mathew Waldman and come in several different styles and made out of all different materials. Anymore watches aren’t all that necessary since we have all kinds of gadgets that can tell the time just as easily. So any watch we do wear has to be cool in some odd way to make us want to wear it everyday. The watches with a rubber band come in pink, blue, orange and lime and are sold for $130-$140. There is also a camo series that comes in army green, gray-scale and even rainbow that are sold for $250. The leather and metal style watches are priced at $265.

(Via Coolest Gadgets)

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Unlocking a 3G iPhone may be harder than you think

Unlocking a 3G iPhone may be harder than you think

Apple has gone to great measures to this time around to prevent people from unlocking the new 3G iPhone. First of all, purchasing a 3G iPhone will require you to sign up for an AT&T contract before you leave the store. There is a small loophole, though.

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MacBook Air – Vaja Leather Suit! Cool but $$$$

Vaja Leather Suit for MacBook Air


Your MacBook Air deserves a whole hell of a lot more than a simple plastic shell to protect it from scuffs and scratches. Wrap it Vaja’s beautiful Leather Suit which completely covers your MacBook Air in Vaja’s luxurious full grain cowhide that can be customized in a plethora of available color combos. Link: From $280

(Via acquire)

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Travelistic is the YouTube for Travelers

Travelistic is the YouTube for Travelers

Can’t afford that vacation this summer? Or maybe you’re just curious about a particular destination? Then check out Travelistic, a site that can be best described as the YouTube of worldwide destinations. The site has near 6,000 videos from around the world, most made by average folks around the world just like yourself. That is so much more authentic and practical than any tourist site you’ll fine online. And it’s free too. We can’t think of a better way to be get acquainted with other locations.

(Via Chip Chick.)

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From LG-The ‘world’s most eco friendly’ monitor

The ‘world’s most eco friendly’ monitor from LG

84108EEF-FAEF-44D5-B1DF-553578258245.jpgLG have jumped on the energy-efficient train and are attempting to make the world a greener place with this very environment-friendly monitor. It’s so eco-friendly in fact, that it’s even been dubbed the ‘world’s most eco-friendly’ monitor.

This is why. The Flatron W2252TE (bit of a mouthful), a 22-inch widescreen LCD, reduces energy consumption by running on a 45 percent reduction (that’s 22W) when held up next to other models of the same size. LG also promises performance well above many of its competitors with a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a scaling mode for 4:3 images that claims to fill the horizontal space of the panel without resorting to distorting the image.

(Via Shiny Shiny.)

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ESPN Ultimate Remote is shipping!

ESPN Ultimate Remote is now shipping, inexplicable packaging comes free

1B3C8667-01F3-4069-B0DA-C13A649C51A3.jpgJust in time for Father’s Day, ESPN’s tvCompass-built WiFi Ultimate Remote is finally available, and rapidly making its way into the awaiting, Cheeto-stained fingertips of a couch potato near you. It still costs $300, and with a good number of laptops retailing for that price these days, it’s certainly hard to justify, but forget all that… who on earth thought this packaging was a good idea? It kind of looks like a dumbell, but not. We’re really at a loss for words here. It’s almost like ESPN wants to fail.

Only $299 get it HERE

(Via Engadget.)

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