From LG-The ‘world’s most eco friendly’ monitor

The ‘world’s most eco friendly’ monitor from LG

84108EEF-FAEF-44D5-B1DF-553578258245.jpgLG have jumped on the energy-efficient train and are attempting to make the world a greener place with this very environment-friendly monitor. It’s so eco-friendly in fact, that it’s even been dubbed the ‘world’s most eco-friendly’ monitor.

This is why. The Flatron W2252TE (bit of a mouthful), a 22-inch widescreen LCD, reduces energy consumption by running on a 45 percent reduction (that’s 22W) when held up next to other models of the same size. LG also promises performance well above many of its competitors with a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and a scaling mode for 4:3 images that claims to fill the horizontal space of the panel without resorting to distorting the image.

(Via Shiny Shiny.)


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