Unlocking a 3G iPhone may be harder than you think

Unlocking a 3G iPhone may be harder than you think

Apple has gone to great measures to this time around to prevent people from unlocking the new 3G iPhone. First of all, purchasing a 3G iPhone will require you to sign up for an AT&T contract before you leave the store. There is a small loophole, though.

(Via macsimumnews.)



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7 responses to “Unlocking a 3G iPhone may be harder than you think

  1. applelovesyou

    But at the store don’t you activate it there normally? And anyway who would have a inactivated iPhone for 30 days? I know if I got one I would want it activated right away?

  2. Right now you activate the iPhone through iTunes, the new 3G phones will have to be activated in the store which will make the wait a L O N G one. I too would want that puppy activated ASAP! 🙂

  3. applelovesyou

    So when you get the new iPhone you activate it at the at&t or at the apple store so you its up and running before you leave?

  4. That’s what they are saying so far, we will have to wait and see if anything changes in the next few weeks.

  5. applelovesyou

    You’ll blog about it right? Cause I probably forget lol. How do you know all this stuff anyway?

  6. I read a lot of “geek” blogs and try to find the most interesting stuff and post it here on aGEEKspot.
    I am sure you will see tons of info about the new iPhone, stay tuned!

  7. applelovesyou

    Okay thanks…

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