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Steve Jobs too thin???

FORTUNE: Apple 2.0 Why does Steve Jobs look so thin?

FORTUNE: Much of the speculation about Steve Jobs’ rail-thin appearance at the unveiling of the new iPhone on June 9 has tended to be all or nothing.

Either his cancer has returned or he is recovering from a bout with a “common bug,” as his spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. “That’s all there is to it,” she said. (The talk may have unnerved investors a bit: Apple (AAPL) shares fell 4.1% on Thursday and another 2.4% by midday Friday.)

But this is not the first time Jobs’ appearance has raised concerns about his health, and the “common bug” doesn’t explain the weight loss that’s evident in a review of his keynote videos over the past few years.

There’s another possibility, one that is consistent with both Jobs’ medical history and the changes in his appearance. It stems directly from the type of cancer for which he was treated four years ago and the nature of that treatment.”

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Emailing a link! Cool Tip!

E-mailing a link!

To email a url that is loaded in Safari with Mail, you simply have to drag the small icon at the left of the url and while holding on to it, pressing “Command-Tab” and dropping the url on Mail.

(Via A New Mac Tip Every Day.)

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iSight HD coming soon???

“strings” file reveals iSight HD possibility


It looks like Apple is working on a next generation iSight camera. The source for this (thanks MacRumors) is a QuickTime localization file which you can find here:


You can open the .strings file with either TextEdit, or a simple Quicklook, but either it its’ very clear that:

/* Next Generation USB iSight */
“iSight HD” = “iSight HD”;

Appears there plain as day. This doesn’t guarantee the release of a USB iSight HD camera, but it certainly lends a bit of validity to the idea that Apple plans to release one soon.

iBeginShare.attachButton(‘share-tool-30907473480’, {title: ‘“strings” file reveals iSight HD possibility’, link: ‘http://www.applegazette.com/mac/strings-file-reveals-isight-hd-possibility/’, content: ‘http://www.applegazette.com/?ibegin_share_action=get_content&id=3642’});

(Via Apple Gazette.)

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iPhone’s Impact on it’s Rivals

The iPhone’s Impact on Rivals

It didn’t take Apple (AAPL) long to make its mark on the mobile-phone industry. In the first year after the introduction of the iPhone, Apple grabbed handset share from rivals including Research In Motion (RIMM), while AT&T (T), the only authorized U.S. provider of iPhone service, used the device to lure customers from Alltel and T-Mobile USA. Imagine the ripple effect of a cheaper, faster, more feature-packed version of the iPhone.

Not only has Apple whacked as much as $200 from the iPhone price and made it capable of working on a faster wireless network, but the company is also adding a wide range of software features that may make it more appealing to consumers and business users alike. The new iPhone is due in July.

To cope, wireless service providers are likely to increase their own mobile handset subsidies, boost marketing budgets, and reduce prices on some services, analysts and industry insiders say—all likely to mean slimmer margins. Rivalry from Apple adds to the pressure on an industry already grappling with increased government regulation and competition from new players, including Google (GOOG), that threaten to loosen service providers’ control of the market.

In the past year, U.S. wireless carriers had scaled back on the subsidies that resulted in lower handset prices in exchange for long-term wireless service contracts. But now that AT&T is boosting its subsidy of the iPhone, chances are other operators will follow suit—especially on iPhone copycats. “Most people want the iPhone, just as they want the iPod and not some other MP3 player,” says Gloria Barczak, professor of marketing at Northeastern University. “People want the real thing.” Consumers will need an incentive to settle for something other than the iPhone, she says. The new iPhone 3G will sell for $199 to $299 with a two-year contract from AT&T.

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(Via BusinessWeek.)

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