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iPhone 3G activation will be required at time of purchase

iPhone 3G activation will be required at time of purchase
Since the iPhone 3G was announced last week, speculation has run rampant that you would be able to activate the phone within 30 days. However, AT&T said this is simply not true.

AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel confirmed for Macworld that activation must be done at the time of purchase, in-store. Siegel also said that customers could keep their current iPhone or AT&T phone numbers and move to the iPhone 3G when it’s released.

According to the speculation around the Internet, you would be able to purchase a subsidized iPhone 3G and not activate it immediately. After 30 days, AT&T would bring up your account and charge your credit card for the subsidized amount of the phone.

In theory that sounds fine, but it does nothing to solve the problem of having hacked iPhones out in the market. That’s not to say that this measure will stop hacked phones, but the companies are trying to cut down a peg or two.

The fact that the iPhone will be legally available in so many countries now will also likely cut back on the demand for hacked iPhones.

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50 Best Websites 2008

The Best in the Online World – 50 Best Websites 2008 – TIME1D3A69CE-EF39-42BA-9AA9-DF0874468AA5.jpg

Some are as useful as a GPS device, others aren’t that useful but give you something to do when you had nothing planned for the day. Put them all together and they become TIME.com’s 2008 picks for the best the Web has to offer

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Philips Eco TV 7000

Philips Eco TV 7000 SeriesPhilips Eco TV 7000 Series

We talked about the Eco-line while we were at CES 2008 and it looks like Philips will produce only eco-TVs from now on. The 7003 Series is the new high-end model. It features 120Hz LCD panels controlled by an image processor, and have hidden speakers, like their older siblings. Prices range from $1700 to $2700, depending on size. The 56” version will be available in July, but smaller should be on the shelves now. Now, I forgot why Philips calls this line “eco”, but I’m sure that a visit to their site would be a good reminder. (Electronic house)

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.41 savings with Amazon MP3

I purchased the Coldplay album X & Y a few tears back from iTunes. This was back in the O L D days when DRM reigned supreme over ALL the iTunes downloads. But as we all know SOME record companies said, “to hell with DRM” and iTunes Plus was born. Sure it was a few pennies more but hey, NO DRM!

Today I see on Amazon.com’s MP3 Downloads I can get the WHOLE X & Y album (I still like to call it that) for the low, low price of $1.99. That includes all 13 songs in MP3 format!

Picture 2.png

I can Upgrade my already purchased album through iTunes for $2.40…….To go with Amazon I save 41 cents.

Picture 1.png


I just got the album from Amazon!

What are your thoughts on Amazon’s MP3’s and iTunes Plus????

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iPhone Flash in early development

MacNN | Adobe: iPhone Flash in early development
49E34ECA-932F-4F3C-834E-42575D92639E.jpgAn iPhone version of Adobe’s ubiquitous Flash plug-in is still early into development, the company has admitted. In an earnings call for Adobe’s second financial quarter, CEO Shantanu Narayen has responded to questions on if and when Flash will be ready for the iPhone 3G, which itself is only expected to ship on July 11th.

Apple has long blocked the normal desktop version of Flash from the iPhone, insisting that it consumes too much battery power.
“With respect to the iPhone, we are working on it,” says Narayen. “We have a version that’s working on the [SDK] emulation. This is still on the computer and you know, we have to continue to move it from a test environment onto the device and continue to make it work. So we are pleased with the internal progress that we’ve made to date.”

Apple has meanwhile begun parallel development with SproutCore, a JavaScript framework that my provide functionality similar to Flash. The latter standard is still likely to be needed however, as it is used on many popular media-heavy websites.

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Mac sales up 50% in May!

Mac sales up 50% in May.


Lehman analyst, Tim Luke, pointed out in a note today, that new data from market research firm NPD shows Mac sales up a reported 50% on a year-over-year basis in May, ahead of the 37% of the second quarter growth that they had expected.

Sales of iPods were also up 11.6% in May, about 3% less than the previous month, yet sales were still well ahead of Lehman’s projected 2% year-over-year decline.

“While not exactly strong, iPod demand seems to be holding up and benefiting from the lack of iPhone availability (lack of cannibalization near-term),” Luke writes. “We expect iPod demand to weaken as iPhone demand picks up, but view the current trends as positive for AAPL’s fiscal 3Q08.” via Barrons.

Keeping with the good news, Apple stock rose $4.59, or 2.6% to $181.50 today.

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Cold Play Releases new Album Today!

Picture 2.png

Check it out HERE!

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Firefox 3 – Download NOW!

Picture 1.png

It’s up and running, I just downloaded it and I’m ready to test it out!
Get yours now, it’s Fast, fun and FREE!

Get it HERE!

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.Mac troubles and tips!

.Mac troubles and tips from Apple for the MobileMe switch


Throughout the day I have noticed troubles with the .Mac service. Earlier this morning MacNN reported that the mac.com homepage was down and the service was experiencing extended worldwide outages.

While I haven’t had a complete outage, and the website currently works for me, I have not been able to log onto iChat, and have noticed fluctuations in the responsiveness of my email.

Apple has been publishing updates on Mac.com explaining how things will change with the service transition and even offering tips on how to make things as smooth as possible.

…there are a few things we recommend you do in advance to prepare for MobileMe:
1. Set up your Mac to sync contacts and calendar.
2. Upgrade your browser to the latest version of Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
3. Watch the MobileMe Guided Tour.
Due to its use of new technologies, MobileMe will only work correctly with Mac OS X version 10.4.11 or later. However, Mac OS X Leopard is strongly recommended to allow you to take full advantage of all that MobileMe has to offer.
To make sure you’re running the latest version of Mac OS X, select About This Mac in the Apple menu and click Software Update.

For those of you wondering your @mac.com email isn’t going to change, but when things do switch over you will also have an @me.com email address that you can use.

(Via Apple Gazette.)

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Portable Power Outlet with USB ports

Kensington Portable Power Outlet


Don’t you just hate it when you run out of power outlets in hotels? Most of the time the paltry amount of power outlets the provide you with ain’t enough, considering the average amount of gadgets a person carries around has increased lately. With the Kensington Portable Power Outlet, things will change since you can now charge up to 5 devices simultaneously through a single power outlet. These consist of three AC outlets and a couple of USB ports to get juiced. $24.99 is the asking price for this essential traveling tool.

Get it HERE!

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