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In Ten Years Time, Will Apple Be the New Microsoft?

In Ten Years Time, Will Apple Be the New Microsoft — an Abusive Monopoly?

Ian Betteridge raises a good point regarding Apple’s absolute control over what will be distributed through the iPhone App Store:

While Apple has a relatively low market share and there’s plenty
of choice of platform, the control that Apple has over the third
party application market really doesn’t matter. If a really cool
application appears that Apple refuses to sanction, its developers
can just up-sticks and move to S60, or Java, or (if they’re nuts)
Windows Mobile and reach an equally large audience.

But what happens if Apple’s market share grows to the point where
it has a monopoly — 70-, 80- or even 90% market share? That might
take ten years, but it’s certainly not beyond the realms of
possibility, and it’s certainly something that Apple would like to

I agree that the current App Store model simply wouldn’t scale — at least legally — to that sort of market share. But I think (a) it’s the sort of problem that’s good to have; and (b) I question whether the handheld market will ever settle around one monopoly software platform the way desktop PCs did.

(Via Daring Fireball)


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Firefox 3 Racks Up 8 Million Downloads, so far…

Firefox 3 Racks Up 8 Million Downloads on Its First Day

C1266726-6344-4CF9-A933-127A997B6E68.jpgMozilla shatters all expectations by recording a whopping 8 million downloads of its Firefox 3 web browser in the first 24 hours of its release. The company waged a worldwide campaign to be the most-downloaded software application.

(Via Wired News)

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Projector For Your iPod

The Tiniest Projector Ever Ideal For Your iPod

Texas Instruments has announced it’s making the tiniest projector ever created commercially available. Dubbed the Optoma Pico, the projector will be available next year with an insanely small DLP chip inside. While it’d be great to see the projector built into your cellphone, Optoma Pico will disappointingly remain a stand-alone mini projector. The product should be making its way to the United States in 2009 with a launch price under $300.

Check it out here


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SlipCOVER touchscreen system for iMacs

Troll Touch announces SlipCOVER touchscreen system for iMacsPosted by Dennis Sellers

imageTroll Touch, provider of custom touchscreen systems for Apple hardware has released a user-installable SlipCOVER touchscreen for the current 20 and 24-inch aluminum iMacs. Both sizes feature the company’s analog resistive touchscreen technology that supports user input via fingertip, gloved hand or stylus.  

(Via macsimumnews)

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iPhone Apps

iPhone App News Roundup6E8AEE7B-5F6E-471E-B115-68F780452489.jpg

Wondering what’s coming when the AppStore launches in early July? So are we, and here’s what’s been announced in the past few days:

  • Webstate is building iSharephone. It’s Sharepoint on your iPhone. It will connect your phone to Microsoft Sharepoint portal servers.
  • Want to create music on your iPhone? Intua is developing it’s BeatMaker product, which will let you beatbox, loop and sequence your way to musical joy.
  • Ambrosia SW has announced Mobile Mahjong for iPhone. It’s built around Core Animation and promises a “Cover Flow interface for level selection.”
  • EasyTask Manager is a simple task manager that’s getting ported to the iPhone. Here are a couple of early product screen shots.
  • Rusty Red Wagon is porting Solitaire to the iPhone, with three variations: Klondike, Freecell and Spider.
  • Synthesis is working on a SyncML data sync product. For now, it’s planned as a free contacts-only version but they’re hoping to expand it to provide calendar support, which their developers say is not currently available in the SDK.

    (Via (TUAW))

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MyBook Mirror offers doubled backups!

WD MyBook Mirror offers doubled backups


Western Digital is today expanding its MyBook line with its first truly redundant backup drive. Instead of simply using additional drives for extra capacity, the MyBook Mirror Edition comes out of the box set up in a RAID 1 mirror that automatically backs up one drive’s information on the second.

The layout can be used either to rely solely on an external drive for certain data or to add a second layer to an existing backup. The casing is accessible and lets users swap out the drives either to replace a damaged drive or to swap both drives in the future.

Users who want to reclaim the second drive for extra space can either toggle the drive to a RAID 0 stripe for one large, contiguous space or else use each drive separately. The array is pre-formatted for Windows and comes with appropriate automated backup software, but can be reformatted for Mac OS X for use with Time Machine or simply as added storage.

The Mirror Edition connects through USB and is already available for $290 in a 1TB (2x500GB) model or $550 for a 2TB (2x1TB) upgraded version. Check it out HERE!

(Via electronista )

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80-in-1 High Speed Card Reader + Hub

iMONO 80-in-1 High Speed Card Reader + Hub

If you happen to deal with a whole lot of memory cards in your line of work, then the iMONO 80-in-1 High Speed Card Reader + Hub should make a staple appearance on your desktop at all times. There is no need for pesky card adapters, although those come bundled with smaller and less conventional memory cards, as it is compatible with the majority of memory cards today. In addition to reading all your portable memory cards, this nifty gadget comes with an integrated 3-port USB 2.0 hub for further connectivity. Among the memory card formats supported by this $19 gizmo are SD, M2, SDHC, MMC4.2, CF4.0, MS Pro DUO, micro SDHC, XD and mini SDHC.

(Via Coolest Gadgets)

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Firefox 3 Download Day!

Kicking off Firefox 3 Download Day with a Boom! :: The Mozilla BlogC1266726-6344-4CF9-A933-127A997B6E68.jpg

It’s been an awesome morning and afternoon here at Mozilla headquarters. We launched Firefox 3 this morning and immediately felt the love from millions of people all over the world joining us to set a Guinness World Record for most software downloaded in 24 hours.

Our systems were quite busy earlier this morning so individual requests may not have gotten through – but they are all up now and serving a tremendous amount of traffic and downloads. We are currently serving almost 9,000 downloads a minute, which puts us on track to achieve 5-7 million downloads our first day of general availability.”

(Read it all HERE—> mozilla )

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