Mac Video Recording Apps

Mac Applications for Video Recording

Nowadays, I have been hunting for good mac applications to record screen of my Mac. And I found these five applications are good enough to do the task: ScreenFlow, SnapzProX, ScreenMimic, iShowU and Jing.


Their prices are varying. They also have their own uniqueness. Here are what I thought of them.


Price : $0.00 alias Free

Let’s start from Jing.

With Jing, you can record video of your screen up to 5 minutes. The recorded video is in the swf format. The file size of the result is quite big so that it’s not compatible for recording long video.


Price : $20.00

In my opinion, iShowU has good user interface. You can easily customize your settings and save them as preset. And also there are some built-in presets to help you.

Feature that I like most of this screen recording: It can do instant recording, so we don’t need to wait for the encoding to take place. And it has a reasonable price.

The demo is available but with a huge iShowU watermark on your recording.

Screen Mimic

Price : $65.00

The main advantage of this screen recorder is its ability to export movies as Adobe Flash SWF and Flash Video FLV format other than Quicktime MOV format.

The unique part of this application is the re-encoding feature. With this feature, you can have the second chance to encode again. This is especially useful for increasing/decreasing the frame rate and adjusting the mouse from the first encoding.

Demo of this applications is available for 15s recording.

Snapz Pro X

Price : $69.00

I remember when I first start my hunt on screen recorder, everybody says that I should try Snapz Pro X. It seems that this application is already so popular.

But there is one thing you need to take note, keystrokes Shift Command 3 will be used to invoke Snapz Pro X. And it’s quite a long time needed for the encoding.


Price : $99.99

This is a newly built screen recorder for Mac OS X Leopard. So I’ve confidence that this screen recorder has been optimized for your Leopard.

After the encoding, the file is saved as ScreenFlow format. This file can be further exported to QuickTime Movie Format and interestingly, you can scale down the movie.


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