iPod Do-It-All Charger with Speaker, Case and Stand! MacGyver dream gadget!

Macally PowerTune Do-It-All Charger /Speaker /Case /Stand iPod Accessory

Macally’s PowerTune is one of those iPod accessories that just make sense to get. Designed for the iPod Classic and 5th generation iPod, the PowerTune is a portable speaker that also moonlights as a battery charger. But that’s not all folks, it also doubles as a protective case and a stand. The speaker itself has two built-in 500mw speakers with volume control, while the device recharges your iPod’s battery from power drained from a USB port. The PowerTune retails for a reasonable $39.99, which is probably less than the total you would spend if you bought all four types of accessories.

(Via Chip Chick)

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