iPod portable digital recorder

Alesis’ ProTrack turns your iPod into portable digital recorder


Though not the first audio recorder we’ve seen to get buddy-buddy with Apple’s darling for storage — nor the first Alesis product to partner up with the iPod — the ProTrack is still pretty swank in its own right. Hailed as a “professional handheld digital stereo recorder for iPod,” this unit enables direct-to-iPod stereo digital recording for folks needing gobs of storage space. You’ll find a pair of condenser microphones built-in along with twin XLR – 1/4-inch inputs for connecting external mics and line sources. Folks who can’t locate an AC outlet can count on four to five hours of use from four AAA cells, but it should be noted that only select iPods (2G / 3G nanos, 5G iPods and the iPod classic) are supported. Look for this one to land in Q3 for a currently undisclosed price.

(Via Engadget)


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