More New Macbook and Macbook Pro rumors…

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Macbook and Macbook Pro Design Overhaul rumors re-surface. New Keyboard 100%.


We have received some new information regarding Apple’s Macbook and Macbook Pro models, which have been long overdue for a design overhaul. Although the current case design is nearly flawless on both, rumors have continued to circulate about complete case refreshes for both machines.

We have spoken with a connected source close to us, and they tell us that the Macbook Pro will,

“100% have a Macbook Air-like keyboard. Feeling more like the Macbook’s current keyboard, yet offering backlight.” We asked about the track-pad but they shrugged it off as if it was no big deal. Almost indicating that the current track-pad might be sufficient in Apple’s opinion. We also asked if they could confirm a launch date, to no avail. We think it would only make sense for the Macbook Pro to inherit the Air’s track-pad. And based on Apple’s past history, the end-of-the-summer (right before school starts) launch date seems pretty accurate.

“With all Apple notebook systems due to ship with multi-touch enabled trackpads following this summer’s MacBook and MacBook Pro design overhauls, Apple is putting the finishing touches on a complete multi-touch framework that will ship as part of Snow Leopard.”

“Apple Inc.’s existing MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks will be the last of their breed, as both product families are destined for major design changes upon their next refresh.” Additionally, Apple Insider continues to explain that the Macbook Pro will “borrow several design cues from the aluminum iMacs and Macbook Air.”

Hopefully Apple is finally getting rid of the hatch closure on the Macbook Pro to fit it with the same magnetic closures that Macbook sports.

An infusion of some of the Macbook Air’s amazing features and design elements into the Macbook or Macbook Pro (hopefully both) will be very welcomed by the industry. We’re very confident in this rumor being true, yet there’s definitely a chance it remains what it is… a rumor.


(Via MacBlogz)

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