Motorola gets serious (finally)

Motorola gets serious (finally)0BCCE211-3359-4E80-A77B-4964F3E7B7E5.jpg

Word on the street has it that Motorola is going for broke with their newest flagship cell phone, and this could very well be their “last stand” too. It seems that internally, most folks hope that this will be the handset that gets Motorola out of the doldrums, or the handset business will just fold if it is a failure. So far the specifcations of this are rumored to include :-

  • 8 megapixel camera
  • Integrated NVIDIA chip
  • GPS navigation
  • Touch screen navigation
  • UIQ operating System

It looks set for an October release, but that could change anytime though. I guess nobody ever thought that Motorola’s cell phone business could close down, but stranger things have happened in the past I suppose.

(Via Ubergizmo)

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