USB 4-Port Hub With Notebook Light

USB 4-Port Hub With Notebook LightA6919D62-EB3C-4330-B8FD-6BCE95DBE7F4.jpg

Now how many USB hubs just get their job done without much fanfare? Most of them, aye? This one does it with a little bit more aplomb, thanks to the built-in lights, a swivel connector and a retractable design. The built-in notebook light can swivel outwards 180 degrees, offering maximum keyboard illumination without burning your eyes by cranking up the monitor’s brightness level. I guess there is always a tradeoff for working in the dark or surfing some devious websites that you don’t want the missus to find out. There are four USB 2.0 ports available to further enhance your computer/notebook’s connectivity. This nifty little device will cost $29.90.

(Via Ubergizmo)

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