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Steve Jobs & Bill Gates

With all the news about Bill Gates retiring and the new iPhone coming out I found it very interesting to watch this highlight video from last years D5.

It was May 30th 2007, a month before the original iPhone was released.

Watching the video I can’t tell if behind closed doors they are truly friends or really loathe one another. What do you think?

D5 page


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Hey Wow, look at this, Microsoft will support Windows XP to 2014…who cares!

Microsoft promises to support Windows XP until 2014
It may finally be starting to move down the availability ladder with computer manufacturers (netbooks and the like aside), but it looks like Microsoft is going to be standing by Windows XP for a good while yet, with it now pledging to support the tried and true OS through 2014. According to Microsoft senior VP Bill Veghte, that support will include security patches and “other critical updates,” and he adds that “customers who still need Windows XP will be able to get it,” despite plans to stop selling a retail product and stop licensing it directly to PC manufacturers after June 30th. For those keeping track, that’ll mean that Microsoft will be supporting Windows XP for a full 13 years since its release — assuming it doesn’t push out that support window again when users refuse to upgrade to Windows 7, that is.

(Via Engadget)

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Steve Jobs Successor???

Fortune Magazine: Possible Jobs Successors

D081E84E-D1C2-4556-A760-EE96D21093DB.jpgFortune on CNN/Money.com has a rogue’s gallery of photos online today. The gallery features 11 executives at Apple, each of whom is considered in one way or another to be a possible candidate to replace Steve Jobs if he steps down. If you want to skip the gallery, the full story is on one page at Fortune’s Apple 2.0 blog.

My personal favorites for “The Next Steve” are Ron Johnson (Senior VP, Retail) or Scott Forstall (Senior VP, iPhone Software, pictured at right). Why? Johnson is charismatic and has established Apple as a retail powerhouse. Forstall, because he is as anal as Jobs about interface design and kinda looks like “I’m a Mac” actor Justin Long.

After you take a look at the article, go to TUAW and vote for your favorite candidate for the next Apple CEO.

(Via (TUAW))

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DVD iPod Combo – iLuv – i1255

It all comes together
Finally a media solution that can play virtually all your media formats, from DVD to iPod video, has arrived. Enjoy digital movies and music in a singly device that also lets you connect to an external audio device, play music from your Audio CDs, MP3 CDs and your iPod (including 6th generation), all with a compact remote control.

Features for Your iPod
• Watch your favorite iPod videos on your TV
• Play and charge your iPod with i1255
• Provides full control of your iPod with the included remote control
• OSD (On-Screen Display) specially designed for your iPod
• Videos/music from your iPod to your TV through S-Video or AV output
• For your iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano 3rd Gen. and iPod with video

Features for DVD Player
• DVD videos on your TV component video and coaxial digital audio output
• Front tray type DVD mechanism
• Featured with convenient OSD (On-Screen Display)
• Multiple subtitle, angle, and audio functions
• Slow- and fast-motion playback and zoom operation
• DVD / VCD / MP3 CD / Audio CD / JPEG CD / Kodak Picture CD

$149.99 – Check it out HERE

(Via i-luv.com)

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Get your game on! Jeopardy! & Wheel of Fortune Deluxe

Freeverse Intros Jeopardy!, Wheel of Fortune Deluxe

Freeverse announced the immediate availability of Jeopardy! Deluxe and Wheel of Fortune Deluxe for the Mac on Tuesday. The games are based on the syndicated TV game shows and include graphics and rules that match their real-world counterparts.


Jeopardy! Deluxe
Jeopardy! Deluxe includes over 3,000 clues written by the TV game show staff. Wheel of Fortune Deluxe sports road trip, group play and puzzle of the day modes.


Wheel of Fortune Deluxe
Both titles are priced at US$19.95 each, and are available at the Freeverse Web site HERE

(Via macobserver )

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Here we go again and again – Microsoft/Yahoo in Talks

Microsoft/Yahoo full buyout talks on again?
Conflicting reports have surfaced today of Microsoft potentially renewing its interest in a Yahoo deal. Information sent from “multiple” sources to TechCrunch claim that the two firms have not only resumed talks after Yahoo’s abrupt conclusion of negotiations but that Yahoo is willing to entertain a bid lower than the $33 Microsoft says it proposed immediately before talks first broke down in early May. The move is said to be triggered both by a steep drop in Yahoo’s share price as well as pressure to secure an important agreement with Microsoft.
The search engine pioneer is also in upheaval after several key executives left the company within the past several days, including the founders of Flickr and Del.icio.us. A threat of a proxy takeover of Yahoo’s board by investor Carl Icahn has been minimized at the same time, however, as Microsoft’s statements that it has no more interest in a full deal have reportedly quashed Icahn’s plans.

TV network CNBC, however, has responded to the claims by citing a contact said to be close to Microsoft who rejects notions of a full deal.

“There is no deal for the whole company, and nothing has changed as of today,” says the unnamed insider, though the contact doesn’t mention the possibility of a revived partial deal that would include buying out Yahoo’s search ad division.

Neither Microsoft nor Yahoo has publicly commented on either of the rumors.

(Via MacNN)

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Texting the friendly Skies – American Airlines tests in-flight WiFi

American Airlines to test in-flight WiFi tomorrow

You heard right, folks. American Airlines is planning to open up the world wide web to passengers on board an unspecified round-trip flight from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles. The Gogo service, provided via Aircell, will be free for patrons tomorrow, but will eventually run users $12.95 for flights greater than three hours and $9.95 for trips under said threshold. We’re also told that more trials are expected to get going on flights between New York and San Francisco and New York and Miami, though no time frame is given for when the service would escape the beta stage and hit mass implementation. Additionally, the Gogo system is supposed to “prioritize the flow of data so that passengers downloading movies or large documents won’t prevent other passengers from getting their email,” so don’t expect to use that excuse for not sending in those Q2 close reports.

(Via Engadget)

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