Hey Wow, look at this, Microsoft will support Windows XP to 2014…who cares!

Microsoft promises to support Windows XP until 2014
It may finally be starting to move down the availability ladder with computer manufacturers (netbooks and the like aside), but it looks like Microsoft is going to be standing by Windows XP for a good while yet, with it now pledging to support the tried and true OS through 2014. According to Microsoft senior VP Bill Veghte, that support will include security patches and “other critical updates,” and he adds that “customers who still need Windows XP will be able to get it,” despite plans to stop selling a retail product and stop licensing it directly to PC manufacturers after June 30th. For those keeping track, that’ll mean that Microsoft will be supporting Windows XP for a full 13 years since its release — assuming it doesn’t push out that support window again when users refuse to upgrade to Windows 7, that is.

(Via Engadget)

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