iPhone 3G launch at 8AM?

iPhone 3G launch at 8AM?

CB99FF5A-CFE6-4F98-BC88-EAB0132DAAA9.jpgA purportedly leaked memo supplied today to BGR suggests that the launch of the iPhone 3G at AT&T stores on July 11th will take place in the morning rather than Apple’s recent preference for evening launches. Store managers are said to be expecting an 8AM launch rather than the 6PM launch for the original launch as well as some of the company’s recent retail openings and its Leopard introduction.
It’s unknown whether this time would apply to all of the US or the rest of world, or would change so that all regions are live at once.

The report is unconfirmed but may tie closely into the activation method for new iPhones, which must be activated in stores rather than at home and take between 10 to 15 minutes to be ready for use. The added time is widely understood to result in longer lineups and in an evening launch could potentially block customers at the back of the line from buying the phone before stores close.

(Via Electronista)


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