Steve Jobs Successor???

Fortune Magazine: Possible Jobs Successors

D081E84E-D1C2-4556-A760-EE96D21093DB.jpgFortune on CNN/ has a rogue’s gallery of photos online today. The gallery features 11 executives at Apple, each of whom is considered in one way or another to be a possible candidate to replace Steve Jobs if he steps down. If you want to skip the gallery, the full story is on one page at Fortune’s Apple 2.0 blog.

My personal favorites for “The Next Steve” are Ron Johnson (Senior VP, Retail) or Scott Forstall (Senior VP, iPhone Software, pictured at right). Why? Johnson is charismatic and has established Apple as a retail powerhouse. Forstall, because he is as anal as Jobs about interface design and kinda looks like “I’m a Mac” actor Justin Long.

After you take a look at the article, go to TUAW and vote for your favorite candidate for the next Apple CEO.

(Via (TUAW))

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