Office 2004 11.5.0 – Get it Now!

Office 2004 users not forgotten, 11.5.0 released today

83175F76-644E-409E-9903-BFB39F0B25BA.jpgOK, you aren’t running the latest and greatest version of Microsoft Office for Mac — does that make you a bad person. No! You deserve updates too, just like the new stuff does. Along with Office 2008 12.1.1 sliding out the door today, Office 2004 11.5.0 is available, and it addresses the following pain points:

  • Adds read/write compatibility for Open XML Format (.docx, .xlsx, etc.) files if installed with the Open XML Format Converter
  • Better stability and printing/page setup fixes for Word
  • Better paste compatibility with Office 2008 for all apps
  • Powerpoint fixes for stability with large documents

The full rundown is in the continuation of the post and over at Microsoft’s support site. The download weighs in at 59 MB.

Update: We initially failed to note that there is a new version — apparently the final one — of the Open XML Format Converter that pairs with 11.5.0 to provide full read/write compatibility with the new formats. It will work in standalone mode if you don’t run 11.5, and it includes the new Office 2008/Office 2007 “C” fonts to provide maximum round-trippy goodness.

(Via (TUAW))

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