Almost 7 Million Searches for IPhone

Users Search for IPhone Almost 7 Million Times in April

CB99FF5A-CFE6-4F98-BC88-EAB0132DAAA9.jpgSpeculation of the upcoming iPhone 3G led to a massive amount of searches for Apple’s popular device in April, according to research firm comScore.

The researcher said that 1.3 million people conducted 6.9 million searches for iPhone-related terms during the month. Not surprisingly, “iPhone” led the search terms with 1.5 million searches, but other high ranking terms included “iPhone update” (151,000), “iPhone 2.0” (75,000) and “iPhone 3G” (60,000).

“Search is frequently a harbinger of purchase intent,” said Dan Lackner, comScore senior vice president. “The increase in volume of iPhone searches demonstrates just how heavy that interest has been for the next generation of Apple’s popular phone — even when its existence was still just a rumor.”

(Via PC World)

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