Apple plans cheaper nano, raises iPhone orders

Apple plans cheaper nano, raises iPhone orders



Apple plans to introduce a low-cost iPod nano later this year, and has raised its iPod and iPhone orders in anticipation of strong summer sales, an analyst warns.

FBR analyst Craig Berger reports Apple to have ordered production of over 15 million iPhone 3G’s and 2 million more old model iPhones this year – well above the quantity the company’s been counting on selling this year.

He also reveals Apple to have ordered about 15 per cent more iPods to be produced in the third quarter, and believes Apple is also preparing to introduce iPod classic and iPod touch upgrades. The most likely launch point for these is probably September.

The analyst also claims Apple has increased its Mac orders: Laptops up 10 per cent from his last check and desktops up 20 per cent. This may reflect the imminent release of new Intel processors designed to drive Mac upgrades as the critical US education buying season approaches.

(Via 9 to 5 Mac)


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