Apple iPhone gets Streaming Sirius Satellite Radio

Streaming Sirius Satellite Radio comes to Apple iPhone

BBF4E8DB-E711-4BA1-B799-36C9404D5CF4.jpgApple iPhone owners (jailbroken Apple iPhone owners, that is] “can now enjoy live streaming satellite radio from Sirius thanks to an application called uSirius,” Michael Kwan reports for Mobile Magazine.

“The app works in much the same way as iRadio. You aren’t connecting directly to the Sirius satellites, of course, seeing how the iPhone doesn’t have that functionality built into it. Instead, the music comes pumping through your iPhone either via Wi-Fi or EDGE. When the 3G iPhone comes out next month, you’ll be able to get a speedier connection via HSDPA as well,” Kwan reports.

“Unfortunately, getting in on the Sirius Satellite Radio action is going to cost you. There is a free three-day trial before you’ll need to register, so at least you can give a test drive before you buy it. Find it through,” Kwan reports.

(Via MacDailyNews)


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