Is WALL-E a Mac?

Is WALL-E a Mac?

Is WALL-E a Mac?The new motion picture ‘WALL-E’ is out in theaters today, and I’ve read a few reports that ‘WALL-E’ is a mac. When he boots up, there’s the ever familiar Mac ‘dong’… or is it ‘ding’… or is it more of a ‘hummm’…. You know what I mean. So hard to put into words.

Also, Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive is said to have consulted on the design of WALL-E’s love interest in the movie ‘EVE’… and WALL-E himself is said to carry around a clunky first gen iPod.

One shouldn’t be surprised if there are many design cues reminiscent of Mac design. Steve Jobs owns 7% of Disney stock, and sits on their board of directors (Disney owns Pixar). Naturally I’m sure he has some pull.

At any rate, thought this was a bit interesting. If any of you out there go check out the movie be sure to leave comments here on what you saw. Can you confirm or deny that WALL-E is a mac!?


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  1. G3

    He definitely had the mac boot up sound and the ipod.

    … but lemme ask. WHO CARES?

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