Pixar helps Disney!

Pixar Pixie Dust
Here come the robots.
When Pixar releases Wall-E, its latest masterpiece, on Friday, the world will be flooded with images of a beeping, blinking romance between two machines–a stranded hunk of robotic waste collector and a seemingly Apple-inspired space-exploring android. And not just images: Expect to see versions of Wall-E and his beloved Eva everywhere. An estimated 300 products–everything from binoculars and remote control robots to Crocs (nasdaq: CROX – news – people ) and onesies–will be stamped with Wall-E’s visage.

And that’s just the way that Disney (nyse: DIS – news – people ) and its beloved Pixar want it.

Since Disney acquired Pixar in 2005 for $7.4 billion, investors and moviegoers alike have been watching to see how the marriage would unfold. The answer from Disney’s bottom line: so far so good, thank you very much. What remains to be seen is whether Disney’s creative engine will get juiced by Pixar, too.

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(Via Forbes.com: Technology News)

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