‘Wall-E’: An Homage to Mr. Jobs

Bits: ‘Wall-E’: An Homage to Mr. Jobs
Talk about product placements.

“Wall-E,” the Pixar movie that took in $62.5 million over the weekend, is chock full of references to Apple products. Perhaps that’s because Steven P. Jobs, the chief executive of Apple, used to own Pixar before he sold it to the Walt Disney Company.

The ovoid robot, Eve, is an obvious one. She is as shiny and white as any iPod or MacBook. Richard Siklos at Fortune wrote about how much Apple got involved in the design of the laser-gun-slinging robot ingenue:

But it may be the first time a character was based on a true corporate sibling. A call from [director Andrew] Stanton to Jobs in 2005 resulted in Johnny Ive, Apple’s behind-the-scenes design guru, driving across the San Francisco Bay to Pixar’s converted warehouse headquarters to spend a day consulting on the Eve prototype. Stanton said that it was a “lovefest” with Ive, but that the notoriously tight-lipped design wizard offered few specific modifications. “Apple is so proprietary and so secretive that he couldn’t even really allude to where the future of technology was going,” says Stanton. “The most he could do is nod his head to the things we said we wanted to do.”

There were plenty of other Apple references.

When Wall-E is finished recharging his batteries he emits the Mac welcome chime.

Old Apple mice skitter across the floor in a visual pun.

Wall-E watches “Hello, Dolly!” on an iPod.

The spaceship’s computer control speaks in the voice of MacinTalk, a speech synthesizer that was included with early Macs.

Slashfilm found a bunch of Mac references and other Easter eggs.

(Via NYT > Technology)

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