Voice Activated R2-D2!

Star Wars Toys – The Voice Activated R2-D2

Here’s another cool Star Wars toy, the voice activated R2-D2.


Previously only Luke Skywalker could boast about having his own droid but now you can too. This little R2D2 unit may not be able to help you blow up spaceships, shut off trash compactors or project images of Princess Leia but he does have a few other tricks.

The new Voice Activated R2D2 obeys more than 40 voice commands so you can tell him to move forwards, back, dance, behave and much more. His built in sensors enable him to follow you around. Bits of him light up, his head spins, he plays the famous Star Wars Cantina song and he’ll even carry your beer can around for you.

R2D2 can also be put into sentry mode and will beep if the room he is guarding is invaded, ideal if you live close to those droid-stealing Jawas.

The voice activated R2-D2 is available to buy online for £129.99 about $260.

(Via Geeky Toys)

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