8AM launch for Iphone 3G – set your alarms!

AT&T announces 8AM launch, iReady checklists
In combination with its subscription options, AT&T has announced several other pieces of information relating to the iPhone 3G. Among these is a confirmation that the company will launch early on July 11th, opening doors to customers at 8AM local time. This contrasts with last year’s iPhone debut, which saw doors open at 6PM; it has been rumored that the new time was picked due to AT&T’s forced in-store activation process, which may take several minutes per phone and could cause delays given heavy volumes of launch traffic.
To ease the process AT&T has posted its iReady checklists, in PDF form and in the guise of YouTube videos which describe issues for new customers, current ones, or those handing 2.5G phones down to friends or family.

Notable pieces of information in the lists are that only one phone can be bought by a person in line, and that while a credit check is required, people can visit an AT&T store in advance of July 11th to pre-qualify. People transferring from an earlier phone number must also bring all their account info, including SSN or Tax ID info and any relevant PINs and passwords.

Business customers must contact an AT&T representative and sign up for the Enterprise Data Plan for iPhone, which costs $45 on top of a separate voice plan.

(Via MacNN)

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