Send free text messages from an iPhone! s w e e t !

How to send free text messages from an iPhone

With current AT&T iPhone contracts, you get 200 free text messages a month. With the new 3G iPhones, this will change. You will need to pay $5.00 a month extra for these 200 messages. Today, I’m going to show you how to send an unlimited number of messages in US and Canada, for free.
How to send free text messages.
1. Create a new email message.
2. In the To: box, type (
3. Type a message and click send.
4. The message will be sent to the cell phone with the number in the To: box
5. All recieved text messages will be sent to you as an email.
Note: This only works for US and Canadian numbers.
Also, there is a Web app that you can send free text messages with. It’s called TxtDrop and you can access it by typing “” in your iPhone’s Safari app. They also have a OS X widget here. Enjoy!”

(Via macsimumnews )

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