‘unprecedented’ – Apple iPhone 3G demand

Apple iPhone 3G demand to be ‘unprecedented’

Apple faces "unprecedented" demand for the iPhone 3G, reports RBC Technology analyst, Mike Abramsky.

Citing recent research conducted on behalf of RBC Technology, the analyst told Silicon Alley Insider that 56 per cent of those planning to purchase a smartphone in the next ninety days plan to buy an iPhone – that’s up form 35 per cent in March.

The research also revealed that consumer interest in the iPhone has grown faster than in advance of any other phone launch recorded by the company. And 10.5% of those surveyed intend to buy a smartphone — any smartphone — up from 7%-8% average over the last few years. 

Additional findings:

– 25 per cent of those surveyed may buy an iPhone 3G in the future – twice the level of interest seen before launch of the first product last year.

– Top reasons for buying the iPhone include lower price (67%), 3G Internet connection (63%), GPS (47%), Microsoft (MSFT) Exchange email support (35%), and third-party apps (20%).

(Via 9 to 5 Mac)

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