Apple Building the BlackBerry Killer?

Apple Building the BlackBerry Killer?

Could Apple be taking a few steps backward?
According to an Apple insider, Steve Jobs is currently testing a version of the iPhone with a slide out keyboard, apparently aimed at the corporate world (But when he says the ‘Corporate World’, we all know he means the ‘BlackBerry World’).

“What he is apparently doing is canvassing the idea with operators. And he has taken this beyond just chatting: actual prototypes – not just mockups – have been sent to senior executives at some operators. I’m not allowed to even hint which operators… but I can report that the keyboard has “issues” which are not yet resolved.”

Issues being that Apple is even trying out the keyboard! I think its a stupid idea and wouldn’t expect to see it anytime soon. I don’t think a keyboard will ever be as sexy as a touch screen.

Note from Mr. Mayor:
At the same time, having a physical QWERTY keyboard is the one of the main things BlackBerry users hanker for. Touchscreen aint their ‘cup of tea’. With a fully functional QWERTY keyboard in-tow, could this new device take a bigger chunk of the corporate, Berry-loving market to the Apple side of the fence? Without a doubt this is what Apple has in their sights.

[via The iPhone Blog & Via Mactropolis)

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