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G-Spot Info. – iPhone Compass (get your mind outta the gutter)

PosiMotion – Here You Go… – G-Spot Information
Picture 2.png

The Compass:
Shows you what direction you are currently heading.

Spot Me:
A shortcut to pinpointing your current location instantly in Google Maps.
Also creates a log of most recent locations.

Instantly email your current location. The email contains a link that when clicked, takes you into Google Maps and shows your exact location. Friends trying to find where you’re at? Hit “Share” and email it to them, they can pull your exact location right up and get directions.

Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Heading, Speed, Accuracy, Date and Time of the most recent location update.

Available July 11 on the official iTunes App Store.

(Get all the info Here)


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It’s official! iPhone 3G – July 11th 8am!


Get all the info HERE

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Google Has Lost Its Mojo!!!

Why Google Has Lost Its Mojo

996676A7-AB86-4FA0-95A9-8E944CBE1C49.jpgGoogle went from startup to behemoth in record time. But there are increasing signs that Google has become just another fat, happy, and even arrogant company, no longer the lean, industry-changing giant of the past. And that spells good news for Microsoft.

There are numerous signs that Google has lost its mojo. Let’s start with the way it treats its employees. Google has prided itself on the many perks it offers those who work for it. The pact has always been clear: Google will treat you like a king, if you in turn work long, hard hours. That free food, after all, is fuel for those willing to work harder and longer hours.

An eye-opening article in the New York Times, though, shows those days are gone. In it, Joe Nocera details how Google has decided to nearly double the cost of day care for its employees, who have complained bitterly about the change.

The story reveals a surprisingly high level of arrogance. It claims the following happened at a company meeting:

In June, the Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he had no sympathy for the parents, and that he was tired of “Googlers” who felt entitled to perks like “bottled water and M&Ms.”

A Google spokesman denies that it ever happened, of course.

Read full article HERE

(Via PC World: Latest Technology News)

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Fanboy Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Fanboy Added to Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The word “Fanboy” is one of the hundred or so new words that Merriam-Webster has decided to add to their Collegiate Dictionary this year.

Apparently the first occurance of the word was in the year 1919. Who knew? Merriam-Webster ’s definition is:

“a boy who is an enthusiastic devotee (as of comics or movies)”

In other news, The Weinstein Co still can’t find an angle on how to release the much anticipated Star Wars comedy Fanboys. I’m guessing an announcement is forthcoming at Comic Con.

(Via /Film)

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Apple needs more iPhone fanfare? Keeps iPhone App developers quiet!

Apple’s Not So Secret Army

Note to the CIA: Mike Ghaffary might make an excellent secret agent. There might be things that his company Stitcher is not supposed to tell you about Apple’s new iPhone Apps Store. Ghaffary, however, claims he doesn’t know what those things are.

It’s unclear whether Apple (nasdaq: AAPL – news – people ) has put a gag order on application developers like Stitcher, or if everyone is genuinely confused about the apps the computer giant will distribute for its iPhone and iPod Touch at its new Apps Store inside iTunes. Like many developers scrambling to build applications for the device, Ghaffary, vice president of business development at Stitcher, says all he knows is that Apple will start making apps available sometime in early July, around the time the company launches its new 3G iPhone. Apple didn’t respond to requests seeking confirmation of its plans.

There’s a method, however, to Apple’s mysterious ways. “They are masters of building the buzz,” says Ghaffary, whose company’s applications dish up information-packed audio content such as news and sports.

Faced with a crush of media interest in the run-up to the new iPhone’s launch July 11, some developers are talking to reporters, but they’re begging off discussing specifics. Touchy topics span the technical details of their applications to the feedback they received from Apple.

Several developers have reported that Apple contacted them with warnings after they posted online videos demonstrating their applications.

Other developers are actively pitching journalists. Ghaffary may not be able to tell you the App Store’s launch date, but he’s happy to discuss his company’s iPhone application in detail.

Read full article HERE

(Via forbes )

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Current iPhone Owners Eligible for Subsidized Prices?

Leaked Information: Current iPhone Owners Automatically Eligible for Subsidized Prices

We have recently received information surrounding the hot-topic issue of whether current iPhone owners will be eligible to get the new iPhone 3G at subsidized pricing ($199/$299 respectively).

MacBlogz’s source at AT&T has confirmed that current iPhone owners will automatically be eligible for subsidized pricing when walking into an AT&T store with your current iPhone in hand.

This has been a rather tricky and un-addressed topic by either AT&T or Apple. It would make sense that current iPhone owners would be eligible for the subsidized pricing. However, because you haven’t necessarily been a customer for two years (seeing as how the iPhone is 13 months old), a lot of confusion lies within those specifics.

The source confirms that “The companies haven’t talked about this, or really said anything, but I can guarantee you that if you walk in Friday morning with your current iPhone, you’ll be automatically eligible for the iPhone 3G’s subsidized pricing.”

We hope this clears up any confusion for current iPhone owners. As it stands right now, simply bring your current iPhone on July 11th to an AT&T store (can’t confirm about Apple Stores) and you’ll automatically be eligible to buy the 8GB iPhone 3G for $199, or the 16GB iPhone 3G for $299.

(Via MacBlogz)

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1 in 6 businesses to support iPhone

1 in 6 businesses to support iPhone
FD20D7CC-A580-44B0-8A54-4AF75326B00F.jpgApproximately one in six businesses is likely to be supporting iPhones within a year, according to a report by Goldman Sachs analyst Jason Armstrong. A check with technology executives shows about 17 percent of them planning to support the device within one year, allowing workers to use the Apple device for company e-mail and other business roles. The welcome for the device is a “very strong number” for a device which hasn’t yet been released and is only likely to increase once companies can test the phone, Armstrong says.
Aside from bolstering Apple, the launch is also thought to help AT&T by driving corporate iPhone purchases, which will need a more expensive $45 data plan for full Exchange and VPN support. The move could drive up the US carrier’s average income per user regardless of the exact plan, according to the analyst.

The desire represents a tangible shift in perception for Apple, which has until now had the iPhone all but excluded from enterprises and most other larger businesses because it lacked both a portal for most common work calendars and e-mail as well as hooks for third-party apps that are necessary at some firms.

Such a change in support, however, isn’t believed to necessarily translate into corporate purchases, which are often dictated by bulk discounts on phones in addition to software concerns. While Apple is largely recognized as second place in the US for smartphone marketshare, nearly all businesses choose either Research in Motion’s BlackBerry lineup or various Windows Mobile devices for both their lower volume pricing as well as veteran support for “push” info only now coming to the iPhone.

(Via MacNN)

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How to replace an original iPhone with an iPhone 3G

How to replace an original iPhone with an iPhone 3G
How to replace an original iPhone with an iPhone 3G:
This article explains how to replace an original iPhone with an iPhone 3G using the same carrier. If you follow these steps to backup your original iPhone first, and then restore the backup to your iPhone 3G, your saved SMS messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings will be present on your iPhone 3G.

To replace an original iPhone with an iPhone 3G, follow these steps:

1. Purchase iPhone 3G from an Apple Store or from a carrier. For more info, choose your country then click on where to buy.

In the US, iPhone 3G includes a SIM and your original iPhone’s SIM is not needed. Your original iPhone account information will be transferred to iPhone 3G’s included SIM when you purchase iPhone 3G. To dispose of your original iPhone SIM, contact your carrier.

In other countries where the original iPhone was sold1, you can use your original iPhone’s SIM with iPhone 3G. Contact your carrier for additional information.

2. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes and iPhone OS. Click to download the latest version of iTunes.
Note that when you start using iPhone 3G, you will need iTunes 7.7 or later.

3. Connect your original iPhone to iTunes and sync it. Verify that your original iPhone is backed up. For more information on how to do this, see iPhone: About backups.

4. Connect iPhone 3G to iTunes (on the same computer you used to back up your original iPhone), and then iTunes will ask you if you want to restore from a backup or set up iPhone 3G as a new phone. When prompted, select the backup of your original iPhone2.

5. After iTunes finishes restoring the backup you selected to iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G will restart. When iPhone 3G appears again in the iTunes window, select it. Then click the tabs (Music, Photos, and so on) and verify or change the items you want to sync. Then click Apply to sync iPhone 3G with iTunes.

6. Verify that your saved SMS messages, email accounts and passwords, photos, notes, and other personal settings are present on your iPhone 3G.
If saved SMS messages, email accounts and passwords, photos, notes, or other personal settings are not present on your new iPhone 3G, the restore from backup may not have been successful. In that case, verify your original iPhone is properly backed up (see step 3), then use iTunes to restore iPhone OS on iPhone 3G and continue following these instructions at step 4.

To erase your original iPhone so someone else can use it, tap Setting > General > Reset > Erase all contents and settings on your original iPhone.

Additional Information
If you are using original iPhone and want to upgrade to iPhone 3G using a different carrier, you can use these steps as well. In addition:

Purchase iPhone 3G from the new carrier which you intend to use.
Contact your carrier for information on how to port your original iPhone’s mobile phone number from your existing carrier to your new account with the new carrier.

(Check out original page HERE)

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Close All Websites in Firefox, Great for work!

Close All Websites in Firefox Before Boss Approaches the Cubicle

Panic is like the perfect boss key for Firefox. It will not just prevent you from getting into an embarrassing situation but boss may even leave your office cubicle totally impressed.

You press a keyboard shortcut and all website tabs open inside Firefox will close automatically.

To give boss an impression that you weren’t wasting time, you can configure Panic to replace all open tabs with a single work-related website like your company’s intranet homepage or any other web page.

Get Panic [Firefox add-on] – Please note that Panic will close all open websites not just hide them from view by minimizing Firefox.

(Via Digital Inspiration)

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Me.com Mail Working!!!

Me.com Mail Working!!!


Both sending and receiving of me.com mails is working now. I have tested this with my own Mac.com account. It works perfectly, both for sending and receiving. Setting it up is very easy:

1. Go to your mail program.

2. Create new account.

3. For the user name, use your current .mac account

4. For the incoming server select IMAP and enter mail.me.com

5. Use your current .mac password.

6. For the SMTP (outgoing) server enter smtp.me.com

7. Use your current .mac password.


(Via Gizmodo)

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