Current iPhone Owners Eligible for Subsidized Prices?

Leaked Information: Current iPhone Owners Automatically Eligible for Subsidized Prices

We have recently received information surrounding the hot-topic issue of whether current iPhone owners will be eligible to get the new iPhone 3G at subsidized pricing ($199/$299 respectively).

MacBlogz’s source at AT&T has confirmed that current iPhone owners will automatically be eligible for subsidized pricing when walking into an AT&T store with your current iPhone in hand.

This has been a rather tricky and un-addressed topic by either AT&T or Apple. It would make sense that current iPhone owners would be eligible for the subsidized pricing. However, because you haven’t necessarily been a customer for two years (seeing as how the iPhone is 13 months old), a lot of confusion lies within those specifics.

The source confirms that “The companies haven’t talked about this, or really said anything, but I can guarantee you that if you walk in Friday morning with your current iPhone, you’ll be automatically eligible for the iPhone 3G’s subsidized pricing.”

We hope this clears up any confusion for current iPhone owners. As it stands right now, simply bring your current iPhone on July 11th to an AT&T store (can’t confirm about Apple Stores) and you’ll automatically be eligible to buy the 8GB iPhone 3G for $199, or the 16GB iPhone 3G for $299.

(Via MacBlogz)

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