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The “Option” key in QuickTime!

The “Option” key in QuickTime!

1CCAF154-54D1-4F80-9C3B-70CBA3CE1287.jpgThe left and right arrows in QuickTime let you move from frame to frame. If you add the “Option” key however, it will go back to the beginning of the video. The up and down arrow adjust the sound, but with the Option key, they’ll mute or turn the sound all the way up. The up and down arrow adjust the sound within QuickTime, not the system sound.”

(Via A New Mac Tip Every Day)

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New VP of Apple product design will be CTO from Segway

Segway CTO becoming VP of Apple product design — yes, really
087A3557-9E41-4310-8C20-CB7103FF8A5A.jpgNew VP of Apple product design will be CTO from Segway; Yeah, we’re surprised to hear it too. Nevertheless, word coming out of the SegwayChat forums has Doug Field, Chief Technology Officer at Segway, heading to Apple as VP of product design. What makes the move oh so interesting is the history between Jobs and Field. See, back in the early days, when Segway was still Ginger and Dean Kamen was harvesting pre-launch industry reactions, Kamen brought the people mover to Steve Jobs. El Jobso’s reaction to Field’s design is the stuff of Harvard Business school legend:

“I think it sucks,” said Jobs, “Its shape is not innovative, it’s not elegant, and it doesn’t feel anthropomorphic.”

How times do change.

(Via Engadget)

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Aluminum MacBook Pro Case Photo Leaked from Chinese website?

Leaked Aluminum MacBook Pro Case Photo?
AF72EF9C-39E0-4ED6-9190-8BEBFB64D609.jpgA blog entry (in Chinese) claims to have a photograph of prototype case housings of the upcoming redesigned MacBook Pro. The photo depicts what appear to be top and bottom housings of a Mac laptop sitting on a box. The housing resembles the current design of the MacBook Air but with a few notable differences. The logo in the prototype casing, for example, is no longer backlit. The screw configuration of the bottom case also does not match the current Air design, eliminating the possibility that this is just a photo of the Air’s casing. There also appears to be no explanation for the additional circular indentations in the Apple logo, but could presumably be an artifact of being prototype casing. They do claim the battery would be more rectangular than square (not pictured) and the keyboard would be the same as the MacBook Air.

Apple has been rumored to be working on new aluminum MacBook Pro designs that will adopt features of the current iMac and MacBook Air.

While the photo is consistent with rumors, we are always reluctant to believe that anonymously leaked photos are legitimate. More often then not, they turn out to be fake fan-created images, though there have been some legitimate leaks from Chinese sources.

(Via MacRumors)

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