Corkboard for your clipboard

Corkboard is your clipboard’s buddy

BD25D282-ABD0-4F98-99FF-47576822A27F.jpgSometimes Command-C and Command-V just aren’t enough. You’re working on a project and want to capture a bunch of text, pictures, or code, and then paste it into the project you’re working on. Using the Mac clipboard, you’re toggling between open applications, cutting and pasting like there’s no tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice to capture all of that information into one place, then pull it out when you’re ready to use it?

Corkboard (from Ayluro) does exactly this — you press a hot key or click a menu bar icon, and a transparent “corkboard” appears. You can either paste or drag-and-drop items onto the corkboard, then hide it. If your machine crashes, or if you need to restart it, no problem — the items that you’ve pinned to the corkboard are there. When you’re ready to use those items (text, sound, pictures, etc..), just open Corkboard and drag them into the receiving app.

Corkboard accepts many types of media, and Ayluro has created a framework so other applications can work seamlessly with Corkboard. It’s currently a time-limited beta (download here) with an introductory price of $12.99. Developer Jonathan Grynspan expects the app to leave beta in early 2009. Give it a try!

(Via (TUAW))


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