iPhone 3G- 12 to 15 minutes, not including time spent in line

From Bloomberg
Apple stores will handle about 30 customers at a time, Johnson said. While the company will make sure the activation process is quick, customers won’t be rushed, he said.

“We’ll spend as long as it takes with our customers to make sure they’re happy with the phone,” Johnson said.

IPhone Availability

Starting July 11, consumers will be able to check Apple’s Web site to see the availability of iPhones at the company’s stores, Johnson said.

AT&T outlets will also start selling the iPhone at 8 a.m. New customers can visit before July 11 to complete a credit check to speed the purchase process, AT&T spokesman Fletcher Cook said. Existing AT&T customers also can check to see whether they can upgrade to the iPhone.

The activation process should take 12 to 15 minutes, not including time spent in line, Cook said.”

(Read the full story HERE)

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