Macally PowerLink: 3-in-1 battery pack

Macally PowerLink: 3-in-1 battery pack

Macally is promising a new product for your iPhone or iPod (coming soon!) that combines an emergency battery pack, data cable, and flash drive all in one.

Called PowerLink, the device will power your iPhone or iPod if the built-in battery dies, though Macally doesn’t specify for how long. You can also connect one end to your iPhone/iPod, and the other to your computer, and the device will work like a short, rigid data cable. Thirdly, PowerLink contains a 2GB everyday flash drive.

While not the most attractive thing in the world, it is functional, and could get you out of a jam on a back-country road with a dead iPhone battery. Sure, there are plenty of other battery pack options for iPhone and iPod, but none with with all the extras.

Macally hasn’t announced a release date yet, but the product will be available for $50.

(Via (TUAW))

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