Steve Jobs’ stubborn? Naw

Steve Jobs’ stubbornness makes the world go round.

“Inspiration for a good business idea can strike anytime, but only a lucky few will ever see their brainchild become a smashing success. Even fewer have the guts to hold on to their idea in the face of skepticism and adversity while resisting change from outside forces.”

Switched has recently taken a look at the 10 most stubborn people in tech, siting Steve Jobs as number 1. In the past it had seemed as though Microsoft would remain as the dominant force in the industry, but since Jobs took over Apple again in 1996, the brand has become synonymous with innovation. The iMac in 1998 re-established Apple as a major player and the rest has been history.

Others to make the list include, Craig Newmark, founder of, Drew Curtis of, and Jeff Bezos of Everyone to make this prestigious list has proved that with the right amount of determination anything is possible. So kudos Steve, for your tenacity and relentless ambition that has made all of our lives that much better.

Full article here.

(Via MacBlogz)

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