3G iPhone Officially Torn Apart!

3G iPhone Officially Torn Apart by iFixit.com.


It’s official: While here in the states we begin the countdown to 8 a.m. tomorrow, those in parts of the world have already been blessed with the iPhone 3G wonder as the launch is underway. Members of iFixit.com flew to New Zealand to be amongst the first to buy and disassemble the iPhone 3G. You can check out iFixit’s photos and logs of their excursion and subsequent findings on their website. Additionally, according to iPhoneBuzz.com, the first person in line in New Zealand (alias: iPhone Johnny) posted photos of the kickoff event and the first iPhone sold at his local Apple store. For those of your who want to live the experience before actually living it: check out the fairly interesting play-by-play on his blog.

A couple of notes provided for readers by iFixit, and those tech savvy enough to care:

• LCD and Glass components are NOT glued together
• Battery is not soldered on

Lastly, Apple issued a press release today on their website reminding us that the iPhone 3G will go on sale tomorrow here in the U.S. at 8 a.m. at Apple and AT&T stores across the country. The press release also includes a laundry list of the 3G’s most promising assets…In case you weren’t already sold. To view the document in its entirety, click here.

Additionally, iFixit.com has posted an iPhone 3G First Look Gallery, but their site is being extremely unresponsive. Hopefully a mirror will come soon.

(Via MacBlogz)

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