Are you having problems with iPhone 2.0?

Are you having problems with iPhone 2.0?

UPDATE – click here for NEW firmware download help!

So we can’t help but notice that Apple still hasn’t officially released iPhone software 2.0 for first-gen iPhones, even though most self-respecting gadget freaks have pulled it from the direct download links that popped up earlier. Since the file was hosted and available on Apple’s servers around the time it was expected for release, it seemed safe to assume that it was legit — and indeed, it (for the most part) works fine and plays well with the newly-live App Store. But a few of us here have had persistent problems on our first-gen iPhones: interface lag, crashing apps, hard resets, you name it. On top of that, we’re hearing whispers that the .ipsw in question was meant only for 3G phones and not first-gen units — and bizarrely, the build number of what we’ve got is 5A347, while our launch iPhone 3G is running build 5A345 on them. So until Apple stops being, well, Apple, and clears this all up, we’re putting it to you: how are things going? Any problems, or smooth sailing? Happy you took the early plunge?

I have had a few hinkey things happen, restarts, freezes etc….. How about you?

(Via Engadget)


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2 responses to “Are you having problems with iPhone 2.0?

  1. mrfearless47

    Loaded it on my 2G phone this am. Worked fine all day. Downloaded about 5 apps (all free) and all worked fine with the 7.7 iTunes. So far it seems to run trouble free. One thing I did notice is that battery life isn’t as great as before. All those bandwidth hogging applications may beat the hell out of the older battery.

  2. I love the new software and all the cool Apps!!!!

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