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iPhone 3G owners bothered by yellow-tinted screens, like smokers’ teeth!

Early iPhone 3G adopters bothered by yellow-tinted screens
A number early iPhone 3G adopters are finding that their new phone’s display is much warmer, or yellow-tinted, compared to the displays of the original iPhone and have begun lodging complaints.


Photos of the two phones side-by-side (submitted by AppleInsider reader Naoman) clearly show a visible difference. Compared to the iPhone 3G, the original iPhone’s display appears much cooler due to its blue tint.
Given a choice, many users are saying they prefer the original iPhone’s display over the one shipping on the iPhone 3G, though oddly Apple has said that both generations of iPhones use the same exact display.

Therefore, it’s unclear if Apple will be able to make changes to the new phone’s display calibration through a firmware update, or if the problem is embedded in the hardware. A number of early purchasers say they are going to attempt to swap their phones in hopes of landing one with a whiter display, though it’s uncertain at this time whether Apple will entertain these requests or whether it considers the yellow tinted screens to be of issue.

In the meantime, some users note that cranking up the brightness of the iPhone 3G’s display makes the yellow tint somewhat less noticeable, but at the same time this produces piercingly bright images.


(Via AppleInsider)

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‘Disposable’ pre-charged phones – a criminals dream come true!

Bic punts ‘disposable’ pre-charged phone | Register Hardware
phone bic.jpg
Next time the missus asks you to pick-up a Bic at the newsagents, you’d be wise to clarify exactly what she’s after. The firm is branching out from disposable razors and ball-point pens, and has launched a mobile phone.

Bic’s phone: available on Orange
Bic has teamed-up with Orange France to launch the Bic Phone, which comes with a ready-charged battery and an hour’s free calls. The SIM card will already slotted into place, so all the user has to do is activate the phone.

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Once your free time’s up, Mobicarte pre-pay airtime cards can be used to keep the phone topped up. Alcatel manufactures the handset, and the device’s telephone number is included in the packaging.

Don’t expect too many features though, because Bic states that the phone’s only designed for making calls and sending text messages. But users can choose between a “Citrus Orange” or “Lime Green” body colour.

The Bic phone will be available in France from 7 August and will cost €49 (£39/$80). A UK release date or price hasn’t been given. “

(Via reghardware )

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Must Have Menu Bar Applications!

Must Have Menu Bar Applications For Mac OS X Leopard | Mac Tricks And Tips

A GREAT list from Mac Tricks and Tips:

B4F75134-4899-4A01-B42A-7C93A106E210.jpgThe menu bar, if you didn’t know, is that long strip across the top of your window. It contains space for adding your own little applications to do various tasks for you. This include a variety of things, from the mundane such as telling you how many unread emails you have, to the complex such as cleaning out your computer. Each application posted here is designed to run from the menu bar and not as an application. Programs which run in the dock, but have a menu bar icon do not count. They have to run 100% from the menu bar.

(See them ALL HERE)

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Turn-by-turn Navigation for iPhone coming….

TeleNav: turn-by-turn Navigation for iPhone coming
Picture 8.png
TeleNav Software says it’s developing turn-by-turn voice navigation software for the iPhone 3G, according to TWICE, The industry newspaper says the move comes despite a clause in Apple’s contract with iPhone Developers that prohibits sophisticated navigation features. The iPhone 3G has a built-in GPS, but offers only on-screen maps and text directions.
TeleNav wouldn’t say whether it received special permission to produce the software, but industry analyst John Martin told TWICE that Apple executives can always make “special dispensations for any company they choose.” Adding complete navigation features to the iPhone could negatively impact sales of conventional GPS devices, which don’t offer internet or voice connectivity. According to the report, TeleNav has not said when the new software will be ready, but it is expected to provide voice-driven, turn-by-turn directions and limited traffic and detour information.

(Via MacNN)

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Protect your new baby! (iPhone)

IP-PH807 Macally Peripherals

Protects your iPhone 3G from scratches

Reusable electrostatic backing leaves no residue

Highly transparent to preserve screen clarity

Special oil treatment defends against fingerprints

Made of multiple layer, durable PET materials (no idea what that means…)

US $ 19.99
coming soon

(Get it Here soon?)

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iPhone activation working

iPhone activation working
We’ve gotten a number of happy iPhone users telling us that activations are working once more. I’ve been encountering a number of iTunes errors myself while trying to update my iPhone to the 2.0 firmware, though I just tried once more and it worked.

Your mileage may vary, but it looks like things are slowly getting up to full speed once more.

(Via (TUAW))

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Hellboy II ‘Big Baby’ Shotgun Replica is Life-Size, Plays Music, Costs a Fortune

Hellboy II ‘Big Baby’ Shotgun Replica is Life-Size, Plays Music, Costs a Fortune


In the midst of all the iPhone hysteria going on today, you may have forgotten that Hellboy II has arrived in theaters. No worries—we have the merchandising machine covered with this insanely expensive, life-sized ‘Big Baby’ Shotgun Replica. It features six removable shells and a musical wind up feature that plays “Lullaby and Goodnight.” Obviously, it is non-functional—but the Big Baby will still do some serious damage to your finances.

Product Page ($699—arriving Q1 2009)

(Via Nerd Approved)

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Upgrading from Unofficial iPhone 2.0 Firmware to Official 2.0 Firmware – Mac Rumors

Upgrading from Unofficial iPhone 2.0 Firmware to Official 2.0 Firmware – Mac Rumors

Yesterday, we published a link to what appeared to be the release version of the iPhone 2.0 Firmware. This version of the firmware was successfully installed on a number of original iPhones and readers were able to start using Apps from the iTunes App Store.

Today, Apple released the official 2.0 Firmware. While it carries the same build number, the file sizes are different and the iPhone model designation is different. One unconfirmed poster explains that the “iPhone1,2” firmware that was leaked yesterday was only intended for use on development versions of the iPhone 3G. While it does appear to work on the original iPhone, it is not supported and is said to contain iPhone 3G specific debug code which may cause intermittent slowdowns.

Due to this possibility, we recommend all readers who upgraded to the pre-release firmware to take the time to upgrade to the official firmware. The process is exactly the same. Remember, with any firmware upgrade, there is the possibility that you may lose your data, and we can’t take any responsibility.

Before you begin, remember that the phone will have to be reactivated after firmware installation. This normally takes a few seconds when connecting to iTunes, but with the high number of activations today, Apple’s iTunes servers have been unresponsive, leaving many waiting to activate. It appears activations have just now started to run smoothly, but you may want to wait even longer before “upgrading” just to be safe.

1. Sync your iPhone with iTunes to make sure all data is backed up.
2. Download iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw (Official firmware). You should get a single “.ipsw” file. If your browser renames it to a .zip file, you should rename it to “.ipsw”
3. In iTunes click on the “Check for Updates” while holding the Option key on the Mac (Shift key on Windows)
4. Select the firmware you downloaded in step #2
5. Wait for your iPhone to update and restore.

All your App Store applications and data should be moved over, and all applications should run.

Unrelated to this procedure, there have been sporadic reports of people having Applications quitting immediately after launch. This has happened both with original iPhone and iPhone 3G versions. The solution is to simply delete the application and redownload it from the App Store. Apple allows you to re-download any application for free.”

(Via macrumors )

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do you tweet?

Picture 7.png

If you get bored or want to know what’s happening at aGEEKspot, follow us on Twitter!

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AT&T activation server crashes and an issue with iTunes.

AT&T activation server crashes and an issue with iTunes.

Looks like the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 3G has not been without problems, though there’s been no reason yet to break out that iPod white riot gear. But in-store activation, and activation in general, are proving difficult at times thanks to AT&T activation server crashes and an issue with iTunes. “There’s a worldwide issue with iTunes that Apple (AAPL) is working to resolve,” said AT&T (T) spokeswoman Sarah Andreani. “We’re signing people up for service in the AT&T stores–their plan, their phone number, etc. The final step is to tether to iTunes. We were doing that for customers in our stores, but while Apple is working to resolve the iTunes issue, we’re having customers do the iTunes synch later at home.”

Apparently, that’s not working out so well, either.

Apple is dutifully working on the issue and suggests waiting until a bit later today to activate.

Due to network congestion on the iTunes server, you may not be able to update or restore the software on your iPhone. Once the congestion has decreased the software should be available for you to update. It would be advisable to attempt the update later on today.

If you have attempted to restore your iPhone and it is currently in recovery mode, you will not be able to use your iPhone until the software has been restored or updated. A temporary solution may be to use your SIM in another AT&T phone or have your calls forwarded to a phone you have access to.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

If you would like to voice your concerns to Apple about this, feel free to visit apple.com/feedback

Thank-you for your patience on this matter.

Your Apple Care Team

(Via All Things Digital)


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