AT&T activation server crashes and an issue with iTunes.

AT&T activation server crashes and an issue with iTunes.

Looks like the launch of Apple’s new iPhone 3G has not been without problems, though there’s been no reason yet to break out that iPod white riot gear. But in-store activation, and activation in general, are proving difficult at times thanks to AT&T activation server crashes and an issue with iTunes. “There’s a worldwide issue with iTunes that Apple (AAPL) is working to resolve,” said AT&T (T) spokeswoman Sarah Andreani. “We’re signing people up for service in the AT&T stores–their plan, their phone number, etc. The final step is to tether to iTunes. We were doing that for customers in our stores, but while Apple is working to resolve the iTunes issue, we’re having customers do the iTunes synch later at home.”

Apparently, that’s not working out so well, either.

Apple is dutifully working on the issue and suggests waiting until a bit later today to activate.

Due to network congestion on the iTunes server, you may not be able to update or restore the software on your iPhone. Once the congestion has decreased the software should be available for you to update. It would be advisable to attempt the update later on today.

If you have attempted to restore your iPhone and it is currently in recovery mode, you will not be able to use your iPhone until the software has been restored or updated. A temporary solution may be to use your SIM in another AT&T phone or have your calls forwarded to a phone you have access to.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

If you would like to voice your concerns to Apple about this, feel free to visit

Thank-you for your patience on this matter.

Your Apple Care Team

(Via All Things Digital)


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5 responses to “AT&T activation server crashes and an issue with iTunes.

  1. Wow, stand in line all day, or night, and then have activation problems. My tactic of waiting a week or month seems to be paying off.

  2. That’s a good tactic! I try to stay away but the “Apple Ray of new goodies” gets me in its beam!
    I did see the line this AM, about 150 people, turned around and went to B-Fast! This time, I will be waiting as well….

  3. Ann Arbor, MI was madness. The Apple employees barely made it out alive. My four hour wait wasn’t so bad, but I’m not going to try to activate my phone for a while. To be there at zero hour and have the news of shortages and trouble spread through the line like a tsunami? Totally worth it.

  4. I can imagine that’s the LAST thing you want to hear in a l o n g line, shortages and activation troubles!
    I just updated 2 iPhones here and it seems to finally be working ok!
    Good luck with your new addition.

  5. madmilker

    duh! what happen to tat little bug holdin’ up the sign with “error 666” written on it?

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