iPhone 3G and first gen iPhone photo comparison

iPhone 3G and first gen iPhone photo comparison

Although the new iPhone 3G doesn’t bring much hardware updates on the inside, the outside brings a relatively new look. Keeping the same form factor and beautiful 3.5 inch touch screen, the 3G iPhone has a plastic back with a much more glossy appeal. Also, the corners and edges have a slighter rounding to them while the phone itself is a bit thinner.

For a gallery full of comparison photos, click through to after the break.

Note: In all the images, the iPhone 3G is on the left.

The backs of the iPhones

This is the backs of the iPhones.  The 3G iPhone now sports a plastic back that is much more glossy. It also comes in black and white at the 16GB level.

The sides of the iPhones

The iPhone still has the same buttons, but the headphones jack is now flush.  The 3G iPhone is a bit more slim.

The screens of the iPhones

The screens on the iPhones are exactly the same.

The boxes of the iPhones

This year the bag for the iPhone was white (and yes, I did keep last year’s box). I also have each year’s box.

(Via Appletell)


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2 responses to “iPhone 3G and first gen iPhone photo comparison

  1. G3

    Let us know how bad that back scratches up.

  2. My guess: It will get as scratched up as the first video iPod screens (that’s not good). I will keep my fingers crossed and my iPhone in a protective case.

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